Khan's HERO CARDS is here!



Ah, I see. Well, you don’t have to discard your spells. I purposefully made these cards less powerful than spells so that they don’t devalue them. You can use them side by side without any problems. These cards are one shot anyway.

If you don’t have ICRPG MAGIC, I suggest you get it to deepen the magic system in your game, that is if you are into that sort of thing. If you have MAGIC already, then I humbly suggest you get my book (shameless plug).


Oh, I have it. That’s how I knew I’d be getting quality if I bought the cards.

On the other hand, that also means I can beef up some of the spells I thought were too powerful.

Imagine that, loot in ICRPG being TOO powerful…


Thanks for the kind words!

Like I said, you have nothing to fear. You can certainly beef up the necessary spells. Having levels for spells makes that pretty easy.


Purchased! These cards are a ton of fun! I don’t typically use cards at the table, but these would be a fun addition, for sure.


Coming from you, that’s high praise!

Just like you, I usually don’t like cards at the table because I find them too fiddly and distracting but since these are used occasionally, they don’t have any downsides in that regard. All fun, no downsides (I think)!.

As a side note, I bought Altered State sooo you owe me 8.5 - 2.99 = 5.51 bucks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That was the exact word in my head, “fiddly.” But I love how simple they are.

You’ll have to deduct my purchase of Spells and Feats.


Oh crap. Just as I was patting myself on the back for being clever.

Like any good villain, I was too busy plotting your destruction to see my impending doom. :laughing:


@Khan These cards are fantastic! I have just gone to dtrpg to purchase and noticed that the description says they are index card sized. May I ask what dimensions these cards are? I was hopeing for poker card ish size like in @Dave_Thaumavore 's review so i can print, laminate or sleve them myself.

I would love to have these cards and I do realise that there is a poker sized boxed hero deck available however im in the UK and postage costs the same as the deck itself so essentiall im having to pay double (and money is tight just now) with a 3-7 week wait time :cry:

Im hopeing there is a poker sized print and play available. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you


Thanks for the praise!

Yes, the cards are index card sized. I designed them this way to make them compatible with Hank’s print & play Index Cards so people can store them together. I never looked at their dimensions; they are basically a quarter of a letter sized page.

Also yes, there is a shiny poker sized print-on-demand version just for your use case but indeed the shipping costs can be deadly. My proof copy of SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 cost me $27 to get shipped to me last year (which was broken anyway but I digress). Ouch.

However, there is something very interesting because books ordered from the EU and other countries close are printed in the UK and shipped from there. Your shipping cost should be reasonable. Did you try to create an order of HERO DECK (the poker sized deck) and look at the shipping cost? It shouldn’t be that expensive for you since at worst it would be printed in another city in the UK.

Printing facility in the UK might not be printing cards though - I have no information about this. You can ask customer service to make sure.

If the shipping is indeed very expensive for you for whatever reason, there are a couple of solutions I can offer you:

  1. While printing the cards, print a single page and scale it down to a percentage, like 60% and look at the result. If you don’t like it, adjust the percentage. When you find a size suitable for your needs, remember that percentage and print the whole document using that percentage. This is one of the advantages of print-n-play stuff and why I made them Index Cards sized. Anyone can scale them down without any loss in image quality.
  2. I can’t speak for @Dave_Thaumavore but if you were to ask him, he might be willing to send his modified pdf where he fitted 9 cards on a page (will they be the proper size for you though and does he own the second deck?). If you send him the screenshot of your purchase of the cards, he shouldn’t have any hesitations.

Please let me know if any or none of this works for you.


@Khan thank you for your on point support :wink:

I did go to place an order for the hero deck and indeed the postage was the same price as the deck itself :pensive: there was no other delivery options.

I didnt think about reducing the scaling of the print (duh) i think that will work however ill definitely give @Dave_Thaumavore a ping regarding the pdf.

Thank you again for the support/advice and keep up the excelent work :+1:


My pleasure! I am happy to provide support to whoever needs it.

Jeez, that shipping cost is insane. It seems that cards are printed in the US and shipped from there.

Thanks for the support!
I’m currently working on getting SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 2 print ready.
Vol. 1 hardcover version is on its way. Should be approved without any hassle and it will be purchase ready very soon.


Hi! Just picked both works up. Fabulous work! Is there a way to get the tables so I can import them to Foundry VTT? I can type them I suppose and wouldn’t of course ever share it… Just wondering if there is a .csv file.

Thanks and regards,



Hey, thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that you are enjoying them.

I don’t have anything for Foundry and I don’t have a .csv file prepared. Instead, I’ll just send you a message with all card titles and texts. You’ll have to copy and paste them into Foundry but it isn’t as bad as typing them yourself from scratch.


You’re very welcome, I can’t wait to incorporate it into my games!

I really appreciate you sending this. Regarding the .csv I thought I ask. :slight_smile: I’m a pretty fast typist. Heh.

Thanks again and looking forward to more of your work.