Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day



summoner wars looks kind of interesting at a glance, i will have to take a deep dive on it soon.


Day 28: Now that i have familiarized myself with my drawing tablet a bit more i wanted to remake an older drawing from back when i just had my I Pad and my fingers to draw with. The first picture here is the old one, at the time, i felt like i had really accomplished something, but now… let’s just say i feel like i have made an improvement, and i am more comfortable with my style now.


There is a drastic quality difference between these two drawings! Still though, you did a great job just with the fingertip tablet technique.


Day 29: Here are some of the little Dinks and Donks that i have been putting together as set dressing and interact-able objects for my side scroller maps. i know it isnt as glamorous as some of my other submissions, but it helps breath some life into the background/ foreground, giving the players more options to do stuff besides “i hit him with my sword”. Obviously i didnt do all of these today, but the chandelier, the treasure chests, and the double doors are new :slight_smile:


Day 30: Here is yet another of the Bioforms of Molvajord. This is an elite warrior of the Patthar dwarves. Living up in a jungle filled valley, this society of dwarves uses these giant machete like Kukri swords help to cut through the underbrush and vines, as well as their enemies.

Publishing Help Wanted

I’m certain my penmanship in Hindi is deplorable, but the bottom one should say blood and the top one should say iron


Day31!: It is DONE!!! That is not dead which can eternal lie . And with strange aeons even death may die. Ia Ia Cthulu fhtagn! ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!


Congratulations on finishing the challenge! It’s been awesome to see your work throughout the month and an honor to illustrate alone with you!


Yeah man, I’m so glad we did this. It wasn’t too bad getting through it, though some days were tougher than others. I made it through the whole doggone challenge without missing a single day!

I’m going to try too keep up the momentum and make one vtt asset per day. I want to make more side scroller maps because after trying it out for kicks I find that I really liked the perspective shift.

Hopefully folks will like em enough that they’ll buy asset packs or I could set up a patreon to distribute this stuff. Not that I would expect to make a ton of money or anything, but it would help me buy some new art equipment or pay for my a Adobe suite subscription or something.

If anyone here likes my work I’d be happy to do some commission work :slight_smile:


It was a good challenge! I did have several days of catchup throughout the process bur for the most part kept on schedule. This was a great way to get in the habit of daily work that I think is essential to actually getting better at what we do.

Good luck to you with continuing the momentum and with your future projects!


I really like the perspective shift too. I will continue to check out what you are doing.


Thank you for sharing this awesome art. I will definitely use the Hearts and Target Numbers in my VTT games. The people and monsters will also find their way into some tokens.


This is along time later but i just saw this post and it was pretty awesome reading all the way through it. I definitely wanna use those heart and skull assets, and make characters using the rest. Its nice seeing such colorful and cheer inducing art.


Going full Necromancer here to resurrect this post. Dude, @TheWunderLich, you seriously need to put this asset pack up on DrivethruRPG or similar for sale. It’s most excellent. :metal: :herocoin: