Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day



Day 21: It feels good to be expanding on my homebrew world stuff. This is a Manitari, or fungal humanoid. I didnt really base them off of any historical culture, they are just a huge hive mind whose goal is to enlighten worthy creatures of the world. it is said that the first beings to achieve consciousness were the Manitari. Some used this power for good, and gave sentience to the other races; elves, dwarves, goblinoids and others. their newest pet project seems to be the “hoo- mahns” (humans), who have recently become smarter than their ape ancestors, and descended from the trees as primitive hunter/ gatherer hominids. extremely intelligent, the Manitari make great mages, and even better scholars. the finest nobles in any land probably have one or two Manitari tutors for their children, and/ or as advisors.


Love it man! Another character type I would be interested in. Pretty interesting timing on this one, I just finished inking my drawing for the day, it will be up in a few.


my favorite part of this culture is that they are a collection of larger hive minds, they might have different personalities or personal goals (usually seeking out new knowldege or chasing after rumored relics to learn more about them and return said knowlege to the hive mind), but they have access to the same vast well of knowledge. whether they can access it in a timely manner may be another question entirely.


Yeah, I can picture the computing speed to be quite slow and the speech as well. Perhaps because of such vast knowledge they have the tendency to bore the hell out of any non-hive listeners.


I actually love that… it is canon now :wink:

“This reminds me of a very loooooong and detailed story”


Day 22: Continuing on my Homebrew work today i present a Masakh warrior. These tenacious little green folk live in the craggy desert land of Ghazana. A harsh landscape where water is both a commodity and a currency.


Day 23: I bet you saw my previous day when i submitted 11 pictures and thought, that was kinda cool i guess…
but i bet he won’t be doing that again during this challenge. PSYCHE! I’m back at it again with another 11 picture dump for you lumpy heads to use on your VTT, and it is just as utilitarian as the last one. ROOM TARGETS! Like i stated in the previous one, these can easily be set as a rolling table in Roll 20 so if your RT changes during a fight, all you gotta do is right click and slide the bar. I hope you like it, stay spooky out there!


I love this! Your art is always surprising and fun.


This is awesome dude, what a great idea!


Day 24: I am running out of my favorite thing to do (character art) for my upcoming game, but there is always still some work to be done. One of my players put their favorite pub in their backstory, so of course i had to include it here. Saunter on down to the Penny Whistle, grab a cold mug of Gar, and relax. This competition is waning and we have persevered through so much. what a crazy busy month, but i learned to love it.


So, are there any outstanding or interesting characters hanging out in the Penny Whistle?


I’m sure that there can be, perhaps I should inquire with my player. It was his idea for the pub after all :slight_smile: hia character may know some other salty sea dogs that frequent the establishment.


Day 25: Wrapping up some more things for the game tomorrow. here is a plucky young boy from the village… gee i sure hope nothing happens to this little whipper snapper during my horror themed halloween weekend game :wink:


Day 26: the eve of my game is upon us and i am furiously coming up with more little dinks and donks to add to the game. here is another little NPC im actually kinda proud of… His name is Bartholomew Ender… Bart to his friends. i aboslutely cannot help myself from naming NPCs terrible puns. I hope you all like him. he is only from the waist up because he is intended to remain behind the bar and the way layers work in roll 20 is dubious for trying to sandwich player tokens and map assets… again, i enjoyed playing with opacity in the glass, so when i put him on the map you still get the sense that the bottle and glass are translucent.


Hahaha! I dig the name! I think the transparency works well with the bottle, his vest translates well behind it.

Good luck with your game!


Day 26 pt. 2: Just cant help myself… doing character art is just too much fun. here is a moody little butler. couldnt really think up a great pun for his name. but i like to call him Abe Froman, since his face and expression was sort of inspired by the Maitre d in that scene from Ferris Bueller. “dont make me get snooty”


Day 27: Expounding on the world building art for my homebrew world Molvajord, here are the desert race of elves called the Sahar.


Molvajord seems like a rich world, you have a lot of different types of folks living there, very cool!

You haven’t played a game called Summoner Wars by any chance have you? The mix of race and geography reminds me of it a little, one of my favorite parts of SW.


No, I’ve never heard of that game, but I’ll have to check it out. I based each culture in Mölvajord off of a different historical empire, so the Sahar are egypt, the orcs (vandui) are based off of Mongolia, the tengu are tokugawa era Japan, etc. It has been a lot of fun researching all these different eras of history to mine for rpg fuel


Summoner Wars is a board game that uses cards. Kind of like Magic the Gathering and Chess combined.

Kind of killing two birds with one stone with your research, very cool.