ICRPG/DungeonCraft Character Sheet by Matt Slaton



This is the new and improved custom character sheet for my table.

I’ve reworked things into a more preferred organization. As well as added a few more character detail elements, which I plundered directly from Dungeon Crafts video on Character Creation.

Here is a Pdf for those who prefer that format…

Community Annual 2019
Creating Player Drive

Dope dude. I likey. :herocoin:


I am curious about your house rules it looks like you included in the sheet?


Firstly, I added fields for players to list their characters Love, Hate and Fear. I find that having this information helps to create Drive for players aswell as Roleplay opportunities.

Secondly, the morality tracker. If the character does something notably bad then the tracker goes 1 point towards evil. If that do something notably good then is goes towards Good. When making rolls such as a clerics healing, or interacting with someone where you good or bad standing might be a factor, then use the morality bonuses with your action roll.

Last, I made a section for weapons and spell because It makes it easier to keep up with your available combat actions. It is literally just a personal preference.

Everything I added to the sheet I ripped straight from that video I linked above.


I like it. It has a beat I can dance to. Even the Russian judge threw in a :herocoin:


I’ve updated the character sheet. I realized that I prefer the stat bubbles to be labeled.

I’m also of thinking of doing a second sheet, a sort of companion sheet with the “ICRPG Magic” character sheet elements on it.

Is this something anyone would be interested in?


I’d be inclined to say do it, though I personally havent used MAGIC yet. Just keep them separate :wink:


That what I was thinking. I like the idea of having modular/companion sheets to go with the core sheet.


I dig your sheet. Dungeon craft is a great channel. He’s up there with Runehammer.


ooh! Need a box for corruption :wink:


I’d like to see a MAGIC secondary sheet. :slight_smile:


This is such a sucinct and elegant design, I love it. Fantastic job!


This is a lovely sheet and the video is instructive, thanks for sharing! I would also echo the wish for a second magic sheet.