I am thinking of introducing more dice to the game



I was watching a Video From the creator of ICRPG talking about Genesys. And it made me think about one of the arguments for narrative dice. And I thought of a way to make it work in ICRPG. You would do what you normal do on any typical role for effort. And that tells you if you hit the target number. Which determines if it was an success or Failure on your attempt. What I am suggestion is add four fate dice to the mix. They determine the advantage or threat to the role. You conceals out any dice that counted the opposed of each other. Like if you have two plus, one minus, one blank. The one of the plus, & the minus conceal each other out. Leaving you with one plus or one advantage. And though time & practice you, the group, & the GM decide was is far. What I would suggest is. If you get all four pluses you as the player get to narratively add something that help you out, or get a hero coin. On the opposes side of you get all minuses it is like the GM time jumps to zero & something very bad happens. I hope by suing thing this it will feel more nature to what we see in movies, Books & TV shows on how things happen. Life is not Binary, & is full of “and”. Like a lot of us we can all thinking events that happen in books & movies where there is a and moment. I have a hard time thinking of a binary answer moment. I think this will help to make the game more nature. Granted I have not tried it yet, but I believe it will work. (Side note you could do the same thing with four d6. Even number are plus odd are minus.)


Take a look at this: ICrpg mod/ D20system - The none binary dice system


I haven’t done this yet, but I’m planning on one of these games with less other complexities to toss in a Fate Dice TIL Every GM turn to alter Target +/-1.


I also though of using regular dice of two different colors. White positive, Black negative Add a dice for effect of the environment, or how rush you are do get something done. Or thinks like preparation, ambushing them, And othering I can not think of right now. Add the total of each set of black vs white and see what you get. I would limited the number. Also in Genesys they use negative dice to add difficulty to do a spell too see if it back fires on you.


Athletically I always liked the look of hit location dice:


In reality I would hate to play with and manage them.

Similarly dungeon layout dice:


Looks neat, but would probably be too small to practically use. It would be better to just have 6 layouts printed full size and numbered 1-6 etc