Honey I shrunk ICRPG


So I’ve had a idea for a world primer (well it started with my daughters idea) she like to play D&D with dad, we have played a little ICRPG which she enjoyed (it involved unicorns)

And then we watched the borrowers…
So obviously next character creation she wanted to be a borrower…so it got me thinking I could do a whole world primer :smiley:
And here’s my favourite part, you don’t use maps! You just play on the floor, kitchen table, in the garden even! Because your minis are to scale with the characters your playing! And a banana is actually how far you move!
Im open to any ideas or suggestions you lumpy heads have. So far my inspiration is coming from the borrowers, honey I shrunk the kids ect…
Crafting items will play a big part of the game also


This is…a great idea.


Yes. Amazing.

Perhaps the general goal of the world is to build a home inside the humans home, so you adventure around trying to find useful stuff. A stash of LEGO blocks would be literal gold. Oh, and when the cat/dog/baby accidentally wanders into the game zone, you have to incorporate that into the story.


I’ve always wanted to do something like this! I’ve tried thinking of war games where you pick a spot in the house and use that as the battle map with whatever is in it as scatter. My girls are huge into Polly pocket right now so this might be the perfect way to get them into rpgs. I’ll see if I can think of anything. I think climbing, fall damage and (especially if you’re playing with kids) what the consequences of being flushed down the toilet are.


Sewing needles and toothpicks for swords, buttons and bottle caps for shields. Magnet on a string for a fridge worthy grappling hook.

Can you face the frozen wastelands of the freezer to get much needed supplies, get in and out of the oven before it gets too hot to get some mcguffin that’s fallen in or avoid being thrown into the whirlpool by a bunch of Toilet Cultists?


You are all right in sync with my thinking :smiley: needles and tooth picks are on my weapons list, love the magnet grappling hook :+1:. Falling is gonna be a big thing (pardon the pun) and a Cat would literally be the dragon of the game. One idea I had was what happens when they need to venture into the garden, what horrors await them in this treacherous jungle!!!


What an awesome idea! One of those wind-up race cars would be a hoot.


You house dwellers and your wind up cars, as a gardling I’ll stick to my tamed ant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Great idea :ok_hand:)


Hahahaha. Touché. You’re right. The garden would be a killer place for adventures and all kinds of strange encounters. I was just parroting the scene in the movie. I love The Borrowers! Or, The Littles when I was younger.


The Littles!!! I’d completely forgot about them!


Gardens would be fun. Squirrels, spiders, and so on. Even dealing with a garden hose or sprinkler system suddenly turning on. Or a fight on top of an inflatable pool!? One poorly missed attack may pop it.

I mentioned it briefly but the one thing that’s always hung me up is the amount of sheer walls and surfaces in the house. Book shelves and door frames would be fun but how would they get up there in the first place? besides a complex labyrinth of holes in the walls ( that the owners would eventually notice) I would want a good way for climbing. I know it’s fantasy so it doesn’t have to be super strict but some ruling would be nice. I’m not sure if rolling HARD would quite cover what would amount to hand climbing a glass windowed sky scraper.


Each player character gets a one time only retroactive “We built a tunnel there” token. If they play it, then there is a secret tunnel from the floor to the top of whatever. At the start of each session (or maybe after downtime), roll to see if the humans have discovered any of the tunnels and fixed them up. Otherwise, you could go around your house looking for such places and make a random table that you roll on to see if there is a tunnel or other tiny folk structure in that place.

Additional thought: The token will usually only get them half way there. If their objective is half way up the bookshelf, the tunnel leads nearby but not directly to the exact shelf they want to reach. It cuts off a lot of time but still leaves a bit of a challenge.

Got an underground tunnel across the lawn to avoid the cat? The exit has to pop up just shy of the garage and they will have to run the last two feet (a not insignificant distance!)


Yeah some sort of spiked climbing gear would be needed or magnets for the fridge (this is all assuming your players are tiny humans and not some new race with lizard like feet) I also like the “we built a tunnel there” idea, maybe hero coins have that additional benefit (keeping it all simple)

In the garden what about THE MOWER!!!


That’s a super great idea! It gives a good, natural feeling excuse with some limitations and risk. Love it. @MythBlade I think you’re right, it could be an upgraded hero coin. It could either have both effect or you would have to choose between the two (I like the latter). And a mower (and come to think of it a vacuum cleaner) would be devastating and super fun to play “against”


You could also make the tunnel another fun rpg activity; draw it as an rpg style map and turn that into a play area from time to time. Kind of like you “zoom in” to see the parts behind the wall. Let the kids draw it and then stick it up in the area where the tunnel is.


Like when Hank did that actual play in side view, I loved that idea and love the idea of sticking it on the wall like a x-ray to behind the wall :+1:

Kinda like this :


Slick. You could almost get a whiteboard (some are magnetic) and if you glued a magnet to the base of the figure, bada bing bada boom, they can stay in position (albeit horizontally)



You should also check out Mausritter. It’s an RPG from a mouse’s perspective. There should be a wealth of information and inspiration for this type of game.


Mausritter has had a large update since the last time I downloaded it too. Double the page count. Mostly examples of play and additional tables do gm adventure/world generation