Honey I shrunk ICRPG


This immediately made me think of how much my son loves to build little forts. I can imagine him going to great lengths to put together places within the house that he can use during the game.

He’s not old enough yet, but I’m definitely printing this thread and filing it away with the other stuff I want to do with him when he’s older!


Great idea buddy. I can see small black door shapes appearing on the walls where the adventures will begin. Great to get the kids inspired. I’ve been struggling to get the girls engaged, the boys already are gladly. This may have resolved that. Thank you for sharing.


Between this and reading over the “what you fight for” mouseguard hack I think I will be running something like this for one of my classes. I’m using roughly a 1in=3ft scale (just for my use, we will be using close/near/far still) and I have in mind to use the physical classroom to play on/in. With the room being 30x25 that makes for several blocks of playable space with towering desks and bookshelves. They will climb up desks and fight on books, traverse wobbly pencils between chairs and watch out for other dangers in the class room.

With that said what are some challenges you see that could come out of this? I think that climbing (and probably falling) will need some serious consideration as well as how, in a mostly open classroom, to make the space as interesting as possible. I might add a physical building portion to help with STEM actives where they could make bridges from classroom supplies and such while they play. (Hard STR to pull a pencil and so on)