Get yo Art on Peeple!


Damon @GMagnus, those are amazing! Love the Titan, very “god-hand” esque.


Nice work here sir! It looks like your players are going to have fun with some Xill.


I am only hacking the art of another artist so I can’t really take credit.
I siluette cool art and then start to carv then make a token. It has been a fun learning experience and my next move is to try making my very own.


which app did you use for this?


Autodesk Sketchpad. It’s what I use for pretty much all my art, and it’s free!


Is it possible that you mean Autodesk Sketchbook? I occasionally use it too. Fun little software.


Yes, Sketchbook. Thanks for the catch! It is a fun little art app. It’s no photoshop, but between it and gimp I get by pretty well.


I watched @Runehamemer’s youtube video on how to draw… Here are my first three attemps.


I am jealous, I can’t pull this off yet. Great job.


Here’s a teaser for a new announcement coming today or tomorrow.


You’re gonna start making plushies?


Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. :slight_smile:


My first character portrait. Watched Hankerins and some other videos and have now drawn for around 4 hours total since I started. Haven’t drawn since about 35 years ago, and it shows. There are some lines in there I quiet like though.


Since I do “Line Reps” since 4 days I am starting to burn out on them and must doodle more.


That’s a really nice doodle, it reminds me of a block print.


Dude! This is awesome! Like @rpgerminator said it is reminiscent of a block print which is super cool. I would also like to say I like that my mind shifts between the background being mountains at night, or a city in a giant cave with stalactites looming over the buildings menzoberranzan style! Fantastic. Keep up the good work


Thank you. Yes, that’s what it looks like, couldn’t put my fingers on it. A result of not erasing anything but just overpainting with white. And of my sloppy lines.

@TheWunderLichThank you. I didn’t even see the mountains and now I can’t unsee them! Perspective is a funny thing.


Got a second hand Wacom CTL-480, my other ones were with IC and a Sharpie.


Day 5 I discovered what the flow setting is for and that Affinity Photo apparently doesn’t play nice with my tablet as I get horrible jagged lines. Luckily Sketchbook doesn’t have that problem. Also feels much better to draw in for some reason.


@Jason_Scranton, thanks for the inspiration!805223BE-900D-4698-8BB3-C0F86E22E381