Get yo Art on Peeple!


I like them a bunch, well done


What if you made cards to represent safe spots to stand on while they are attacked by the froglodites? They’d have to “jump” from card to card (difficulty increases with distance) to approach the door and then position themselves to defend the door while it’s being opened.

You could even have a limit of how many people could be on a card at any given time to increase the tactical opportunities/challenges?


I like that! Thanks!

Had some fun on the iPad making a frog


Yes! This is awesome! I love your style.


Hey there, Shield Wall! I thought I’d share a quick screenshot of my latest modular dungeon: The Catacombs! :smiley:


Very cool, I get a sweet Zelda vibe from it.

What program you using. (Is that gimp?)


I’m drawing it all in Gimp and assembling pieces in Tiled Map Editor. :slight_smile:


It works in Tiled?! Hell yeah :herocoin: X :infinity: