Get yo Art on Peeple!


That’s an amazing idea! Would’t that be a cool thing to do as a community art challenge, have everyone illustrate this drawing in their own way. :thinking:


Post it as a separate post @rpgerminator! It would be a fun experiment, for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


While going through a tub full of my old art stuff this morning I came upon this. It’s a scratchboard illustration of a Robotech mech that I did for a project in high school many years ago. I thought this might be appreciated here since there may be some of you running mech campaigns.


Hey gang, this has been an awesome thread filled full of cool art! However, it has unintentionally funneled all of the art folks are creating into one thread, now over 100 posts, which was never intended. For that reason, I am closing this thread.

Going forward, I would simply ask all creators, if you have cool art to show off, just make a new post, show off your art, and take your moment in the spotlight!