First 5 Room Dungeon: Lair of the Watermancer


After Watching Hankerin’s video on 5 room dungeons, and immediately down loading and reading John Four’s role playing tips. inspiration was inevitable! Use it if you want it, feedback welcome as I hope to run it this weekend.

Room 1: Small Town (CR 13)

11 Buildings in a square.

Of note are the Inn and Stables (South), Shrine of the Mists (North), Guard House (North East), Blacksmith Shop (North West) and the General Goods Shop (Middle East). In the center of the square is a large well.

Town Folk

  • Inn Owner :heart: Barmaid :heart:
  • Merchant :heart:
  • Blacksmith :heart::heart: Apprentice :heart:
  • Guard Captain :heart::heart:

As the party explores the town guardian attacks (in D4 rounds) emerging from the well in the center of town.

Giant Water elemental :heart::heart::heart:

  • magic effort on melee (water fists)
  • weapon effort on range (water ball)
  • can not range far
  • piercing and slashing weapons do ½ effort against

Room 2: The Shrine of Mist (CR12)

Party goes to the see the Mist acolyte (secretly a watermancer cultist ½ :heart:) to find out more

Challenge find the secret passage in the alcove behind the alter.

  • Mist Acolyte uses deception Vs. Int.
  • Illusions Vs. Hard Wis
  • Pick the lock Vs Dex or Smash the door Vs. Str

Room 3: The Water Trap (CR13)

The hidden entrance leads down through a rough stone cut stairs and opens into a round room. A small opening in the far wall goes down further. A small cistern is in the center of the room and floor grates extend from the shrine cutting the room in half. Side A entrance. Side B exit. As party heads towards the exit, trap activates catching ½ the party on each side separated by a wall of water. The water flows up from grates to ceiling. Side B stays dry, but side A starts to fill with water and will fill completely in D6 turns. Entrance is shut by stones collapsing.

Party can be creative to get through the torrent of water rising from the floor grates of might be able to find the release levers on both sides of the cistern. Levers must be activated at the same time. Side A Vs. Hard Con roll.

Room 4: Watermancer’s Lair (CR 12)

The second set of stairs leads to a large damp room, with puddles scattered everywhere. The room is set up like an alchemists lab.

  • Watermancer :heart::heart:
    • attacks near/far magic effort water bolts
    • summon water fiend
  • Water Fiend
    • 2 actions per turn
    • Claws mouth D6 effort
    • can blink between puddles as if it were near
    • pounce attack Vs. Easy Str, fail ultimate effort

Room 5: Escape (CR 10)


  • wand of water bolt +1 attempt, magic effort
  • Book of Watermancer (lead to next session)

Loot Random: distribute for class

  • Salamander wristlet regenerate 1/round except for dying
  • Carapace, +1 armor
  • Liquid Armour Kit +2 armor Vs. pierce or slashing
  • Water seeing goggles, makes eye see in fish eye view, +2 Dex

Party finds their way back to surface and make it back to town.