Excalibur's Chosen Character Type



A custom character type I made for just cause. something kind of interesting about this type is that it only has 1 starter loot option and the whole type is tied to 1 very specific weapon. I don’t know if this is a type that would be picked at character creation but it could have alot of narrative impact in a game. My first thought is a a player finding a rusted blade only to find out it was Excalibur and gaining its powers as almost a dual class.

What are some narrative ideas in how you would use Excalibur in you games or reward it to your players? Tell me below!

*note: art comes from a site called istock

Repository: Character Types

Seems like a “Quest of Swords” is in order. Collect the swords of old and grow in power using Excalibur so the massive boss can be defeated in the end.


great as always, its always fun reading your work




Custom Types: Revised

Nice clean layout on these dude! These turned out really well!