Custom Types: Revised



Hello there. Hope everyone has been running and playing in tons of fun games. I’ve released quite a few CUSTOM TYPES on the forums here over the past couple years. With that time and practice I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little better at creating them. So I’ve decided to go back to all my Types and remaster them.


  • removing original art and only using official images
  • Touchup on wording , make them easier to read and understand
  • Tweaks to many abilities for the sake of synergy and balance
  • Put them in a nicer looking format (I hope)
  • Added the ICRPG badge to all of them
  • PDF versions of each type.

So yeah, there’s been some extra work put into these! They may not fit all tables but I hope you get a chance to use these Types and I hope to see people continue making and sharing stuff like this and improving themselves! Happy gaming everyone!



they show what you have learned. they are great for inspiring future types