Discord PBP game! Tales of Alfheim


Howdy folks!
I’m looking to start a post-based campaign on discord. It will be based in Alfheim, and will start in the Arlston fighting pits. I want to try running a sandbox campaign, and think this is the perfect system for it. I’ve run multiple PbP games before, but this will be my first time using ICRPG over post.

Rather than meeting up at a specific time and playing, we will be playing throughout the day. It’s basically a never ending session.

Character Creation:

Standard character creation as shown in the Core book.

  • 6 stat points to build your character (+Bio-form)(edited)

  • Choose 1 Starter Loot (We can work together to make a custom one if you have a unique vision for your character.)

  • Choose 3 starting Equipment (We can work together to make a custom one if you have a unique vision for your character.)

  • Choose up to 2 ancient weapons(edited)

  • 1 Heart

  • Choose one of the Classes determined in CORE, or we can come up with one together.

  • Choose a bio-form

‘ICRPG Magic’ (the book) will not be allowed for this particular campaign.

In conclusion, I’m looking for 4 dedicated and active members to play in a play-by-post campaign over discord. Just hit me up, and I’ll pm you the discord invite!

Happy gaming folks :grin:


So, can you help me understand how play by post works? Turns, rounds?


I am down. Gimme da deets!


Yes I would also like to know how this works. Never played this wat before.


Here’s a random example of one from a site that has a number of them. https://rpggeek.com/thread/1956904/elysium-incident-1-labour-strike

I played in one once (d&d). Generally they’re more wordy/narrative than rolling dice though that can happen too. It can be fun if you really enjoy role playing/character building. It’s also something fun to participate in throughout your day, on work breaks, etc.

Obviously it takes patience as you wait for the rest of the group to respond. But in can be an enjoyable thing with the right group. Like playing in an ongoing mobile game RPG. Heh

Now that I think about it, if one were to run the game in a set turn order like ICRPG, it could potentially run more smoothly than most. These things rely on players being reasonably consistent though or they crawl and often die on the vine. I’m sure that’s why the OP mentioned wanting reliable players.

That said, I’ve found people on this site to be way more reliable than on other gaming sites. If sounds fun, give it a shot. It’s worth trying it out!


I would also add if you enjoy writing, you would def dig this. I’ve seen some really cool stuff put out by the players in the one game I participated in. You can take your time to put some thought into your posts vs a live game where you hope to come up with something witty off the cuff. Heh

Here’s a “how to” resource for those of you not familiar with PbP:


Discord is a good platform for it.


@Kingroy23 I’m actually up for this, but I would like to first ask what is your desired frequency of posting from the players?


Welcome to use my GSRPG for character sheet and maps


never played like this but i would give it a try


Oh GL with this! I used to play lots of PbP games, I think ICPRG will work perfectly for that structure since it always goes in turns… have fun! <3


It’s basically an elongated session. Every round, all the players will act before I (the GM) will. On your turn, you write out what your character is doing, roll some dice in the Out-of-character channel, etc. I have a longer list of rules n’ stuff on the discord. Anyway, after I’ll resolve your action; and after all the players take their actions, I’ll play the NPCs, tick the timers, and what not.

Lemme know if you got some other questions, I would be happy to answer :slight_smile:


Sweet! I’ll send you the invite shortly.


Thanks for providing some examples. Play-by-post games are more narrative and character-centric for sure, but I think that’s a strength of the medium. Some of the coolest character arcs I’ve witnessed were on p-b-p games.

I think discord provides itself to a faster pace than something like RPG geek, simply because of the ease of use, and mobile usability (and the push notifications heh). Imo, P-b-P games work best when everyone is in similar timezone since the down time is minimized.

And yeah, this is one of my favorite communities for sure.


Pretty frequent. Ideally once every hour or so, and maybe more if everyone is online at the same time. If you’re in an environment where you can’t sneak in a message just let me know, and I’ll plan accordingly.

So yeah, pretty frequently. These types of games tend to die out if the pace is tooooo slow.


Awesome. I’ll send you the invite shortly.


I think I got the gist of it. Thanks. So the speed of a round is dependent on everyone writing their actions in a post? Only then do things move forward?



But say I’m engaged with something, and Player A writes: “Maximus attacks the orc.” and then rolls. Even though I didn’t resolve the action, Player B can still take their turn. Perhaps he writes: “Horton searches for the hidden lever.”

Now that I’m free, I’ll resolve both actions. So the play actually goes slightly faster than what might be expected since multiple people can take their actions without having to wait on the GM .


Airtight man. I’d like to go at it if there’s still room.


Sure thing! I’ll invite you shortly.


Need one more player!
@Adam_Boyes you still interested?