Discord PBP game! Tales of Alfheim


I’m on the waiting list if a spot opens up!


Just one last question please. What days and times is this likely to be? I have a mostly office based job so could get away with this but at other times I’m teaching.


I ran an actual forum back in the early days of the internet and for 3 yrs it was play by post because that was the only way to do it if you wanted to play with people outside of your city. The actual play by post in peoples minds is everyone taking a turn or more in a day. The reality is you take your turn by typing out your actions then you wait 3 days for the next guy then you all wait a week for the next guy then on the same day 3 people will post and so on. Its a real mess if you hope to play turn based in any way and if you are hoping to use dice. True play by post is handled best in a narrative way where the contributors are adding to the story. It does not involve dice as its pure free form in nature and honest based. Nobody cheats and everyone is trying to further the story. Nobody is in a rush so if you don’t get to post for a month… that’s okay.

Saying all this as a very experienced person in the area. If you want the faster pace and dice rolling… go live or make it mandatory to post daily or you are out of the group. Something like that. Suggest something like every Sunday with minimum of 5 posts. Time zones makes things tough and people can’t sit all day waiting.

Good luck


Thank you all for the interest but the spots have been filled!

Happy gaming