Dear RuneSanta, could I have a


In this season of new years resolutions, and coming in hot from writing to Santa for a Runehammer coin (and not getting one! :angry: :laughing:) I thought it might be fun to compile a wish list of all the resources we’d really love to have. Then when different members of the shield wall have spare time we could use this as a list of inspiration for something to create.

What would your "Dear RuneSanta, could I please have a … " wish be?

I’ll start.

Dear RuneSanta, please could have a list of all the digital assets the community would love to have, so I have something to do this evening when I’m bored :slight_smile:

Done! Freedom to config starting value of Defense in Foundry VTT

I assume in making this wish list, you are already aware of the deep library of resources available on the ICRPG Community Content site.

I’ve had on my to-do list of RPG projects a VDS hack using the system for a starfighter skirmish game. Does that fit the idea of what you’re going for?


Dear RuneSanta, could I please have a Defense Initial Value in config and Armor item with counters in Foundry VTT?

Pretty please, so we can run Blood and Snow with the Degrading Gear and Defense rules?