Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?



So who is left on making their part? Shall we tag them?

And please, keep drawing, it’s awesome!! :smiley:


i posted these in the discord, but i forgot to put em here… sorry. here is Allistar and Tabita


We’re just waiting for a rewrite of section 5 (the skill check) and any stats for the final boss fight. I’ve shared a pdf of the adventure on discord.


I’m so excited for this, I hope I get some time to play it before Halloween. Between this, Monster of the Week and Ten Candles my buddies and I will have all sorts of spooky adventures before the month is out.


Is there still a link floating around out there for this one?


Here’s the post with the PDF links:


You rock, I couldn’t track it down for the life of me. Thanks!


Great! I ran it as my first time GMing ever and it was great fun :slight_smile:
Ran it with EZD6 rules for a group of experienced 5e players. Great fun was had all around!


Oh nice! That’s super awesome and glad to hear you playing it out in EZD6 :smile:


Just wanted to remind anyone looking for some Halloween fun to check this out!