Community ICRPG Halloween Dungeon?



So Halloween is coming up and I’ve been mulling around with the idea a creepy halloween dungeon to run my players through, but then I saw the following great posts:

And it got me thinking…

Have we ever done a community dungeon before?

If we have then this topic is moot, but if not… what do you guys think about doing one with me?


I’m game to try; and if I miss out then I’m game to use whatever gets created! :grinning:


That sounds like a blast! Totally down to contribute :grinning:


Who let the spectral dogs out?


Thanks @skippy, @Kingroy23, and @Angram091 for you quick reply! You guys are on the ball. I don’t think this dungeon has to be anything too crazy. A simple one-shot was all I was really thinking, but maybe it will turn into an ever growing dungeon of madness haha.


sound like a cool idea. Don‘t know if i have something to trow in but we‘ll see


No worries @Hans-Arsch! I was thinking everyone could design a room/encounter and we could string them together and make a story out of them. Sort of like pulling cards for Story Architecture from CORE 2e.


That sounds really fun. i would totally like to help out. do we have a theme in mind yet?


Have you ever of Betrayal at House on the Hill? I was thinking of having a creepy old mansion be the first area and then expanding down into a crypt underneath the house.


That sounds like a good plan. Funny enough, I was talking to some of the immortals on the discord server the other day about how I ran a haunted mansion game a few years ago, which made me dig up the photos I took that night. Maybe I can use some of that stuff.


I’d like to try that! What is the plan? :smiley:


Great question! Here’s what I’m thinking:

Option 1. We all design a room, area, or encounter within the crypt beneath an old haunted house. Once those have been shared and completed. We can all mix and match and present a one shot story using the submitted room designs, so others can use them in their own spooky adventures.

Option 2. We can use the story architecture model listed in CORE. and I can assign each one of us one of those parts. We would then fit all of our submitted scenes or encounters into one connected story and see what madness ensues.

Option 3. We play a game of dungeon telephone where we just build one room or area after the other until we have a strange conglomeration of a spooky dungeon.

What do you think?


So far I like option 2. That way we have a coherent idea of what should go on and everyone can fill that idea in their own unique way.


That’s how I was leaning too. I think it will give us the clearest path to a completed project. So far we’ve got 7 people. We either need two more or two of us can tackle two pieces of the story.

I’ve also been thinking about coming up with a general prompt to get us all in the same realm of thought. I have a couple rough ideas, if that helps. I’m very excited to see what everyone comes up with :smile:


Rad! It will also give us some good continuity. I’d like to here what your ideas are. A murder mystery could be cool, or something crazy at the reading of a will. I think this will be a fun collab. But I definitely want to know what everyone else’s ideas are. This will be exciting!


Guilfoyle House stands on the outskirts of town, a sad and dilapidated building. The lawn is choked with weeds, and the tree branches hang sorrowfully down, bare of leaf even during the wettest summers. It’s been thus for as long as anyone can remember; or at least says Old Cob, the oldest man in the area.

It’s been a right of passage for children to dare one another to stand upon the rotting porch and count to ten. Most of the residents at one time or another have gingerly climbed those creaking stairs, placed their back to the house’s blackened front door, and suffer the dilation of time that only abject terror can create on an impressionable young mind.

Thus has it always been, and thus has everyone expected it would always be. The spoiled land, the ruined house, and the pall of mystery all conspire to keep folks away and renovations a folly. Until a tenday ago, that is, when a young couple took one night in the town’s inn.

Well dressed and even better spoken, they took dinner in the common room. The innkeeper, Anathos Broodmire, could barely contain his composure when the man introduced himself as Allistar Guilfoyle, and his wife Tabita. They were lodging just the night in Mr. Broodmire’s establishment to sleep off the ill effects of an arduous journey, and would thereafter be residing in the family home.

True to their word, the young Guilfoyle’s checked out and progressed on to that wretched domicile. The earth itself seemed to be trying to warn them away, as a bitter wind began to grow, and an unseasonably cool rain fell upon the parched dirt. Mrs. Umalary, closest neighbor to the Guilfoyle house, saw the couple walk resolutely up the stairs, arm in arm under a posh umbrella. Without hesitation, but with some small struggle against the long-unused door, they entered.

Lights were seen in several windows over the following days, and nearly the whole population of the town had their eyes locked on the Guilfoyle windows any time an unobstructed view presented itself. People dawdled on errands, and took the long way round to nearby destinations, just to be afforded one more glance at the mysterious house. Lights, yes, but never were the couple themselves seen. No shadows outlined against the curtains. No visits to the mercantile in town; no stops at the greengrocer for sustenance. The couple entered, and never came out.

A weak smoke was seen sputtering fitfully from the Guilfoyle chimney last night.


My humble submission for a starting frame for this little effort. Hope you like it; but please feel free to pursue something better if you prefer!


Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness. @skippy, that is AWESOME!


Whoo, I like it. Very spooky.


Back in the day my buddy ran a game called “Night at Old Man Lovecrafts Farm” every Halloween.

All the characters were bunnies