Can someone please fix ( improve ) Roll20 character sheet?


Guys, for love of D20 God, can someone fix that abomination of character sheet on Roll20?

It is beyond ugly, and just barely functional.


I’ve resorted to physical sheets and the dice roller. Players and I just roll the specific dice and add modifiers like a normal dice throwing game.

TBH it’s way better that way now that I think of it.


I usually just manually type the stuff into the first tab of a character sheet like so:



Basic Effort

And then copy the sheet like 5 times, let players grab it and fill in as needed via plain text.


I’d do it if I knew how.


i just print out my sheet and have it in front of me. im old School like that. lol


I mentioned this to the two guys I know that have the skill to pull this off. I can’t guarantee a timeline or even if they are interested, but it is my hope they will effort in this direction.


@Nickster Is the the hero we need but the hero we don’t deserve.


@nickster let me know what the language is (HTML?) and I’ll roll for effort.


It’s HTML, CSS and some JSON. All the code for the roll20 sheets are here

And the icrpg sheets are here and here

You can fork the repository, make edits, then make a pull request to have your changes merged into the main repository to be pushed live on Roll20

The readme covers all the details on how to contribute and update character sheets


Thanks! I’ll take look and see what I can do


I have no experience with computers or HTML, but I’m going to give it a try and make something nice out of it. I’ve already spent a few hours today on looking what I can do with the sheet, and I’m improving in skills fast, so I hope I get to make something out of it.

Also, please let me know what you expect from the character sheet to I can take that into account when building


I don’t think it needs much just some proper layout so it doesn’t look all over the place. It’s all there already it just doesn’t look good and is unfun to use. Be warned though if you don’t know HTML this is very hard to pull off.


I can just try, and if it works, it’s great, and if it fails, I’ve at least tried it.

So things I’d like to add myself are:

  • Some more imagery if Roll20 allows (like a shield at Armor, pictures of the Dice at the Effort stats.
  • An entry for Coins
  • An entry for tracking other things
  • A Hero Coin checkbox (to remember if you take your character through multiple sessions)
  • Giving some more space for equipment tracking. I’ll keep myself at the 20 loot limit, but I’d like some more space to write out what my equipment does.

Layout will be the most difficult, but I’ll see what I can do.


This is what I have so far, still boring as hell, but I’m already toying with the lay-out. Below this part is the screen I’ve added a ‘Coin’ counter and an ‘Others’ box. And also the: To use with ICRPG image

Like this one even better:

edit: I now have put a line of white between the headers and the texts below


Oooooh. Now that’s sexy.


Yea, much better already.


I’m teaming up with @Twotricks who knows HTML and CSS. We’ll do some more work on it at the end of January, so I’m expecting it will be uploaded around that time, or start of Feb.


Thank you for this. Seriously. Not everyone uses Roll20 character sheets in their game, but a clean, pretty, functional sheet is important for the spread and proliferation of the ICRPG system at large.


I actually don’t like the red headings on the character sheet i feel it draws my eyes away from the the important information.
If possible i would also like to see the final bonus be bigger than the rest so that is also what your eyes are drawn to the number that is actually important. Otherwise it can start to feel very spreadsheety


Huge thanks for fixing up those sheets! I said earlier in the thread that I just … instead of using the sheets. That was only because the sheets were… ugly… They look much better, and I will definitely be using them for my online games. Thanks again! :slight_smile: