Can someone please fix ( improve ) Roll20 character sheet?


Yeah agree the Red headings are too bright, tone down the brightness and saturation, similar to the red in the “For use with ICRPG” icon, maybe even a little darker.

Also the equipped items text boxes, wider is better. A lot of wasted space, use the full width of each column. It’s handy to put the full details into the sheet. If possible, allow it to auto-expand into multi-lines per box/item too


Working on the roll20 sheet tonight. I made the headings darker red, the same color as the icon of “Use with ICRPG” and it took me a while, but the equipment boxes are now large across the page. So there’s no need for the ‘notes’ boxes anymore there :slight_smile:

Don’t think I can make the final bonus look bigger in the character sheet. I will give it a try, but no promises.


Appreciate your effort, thank you.


I want to give an update on this project. Twotricks made two UX user experience examples for us to work with. One is easy, and one is a lot more difficult but looks a lot better. I have been very busy (6 ICRPG games online this week :smiley: ) and feeling not so great, but I’m halfway coding the easy sheet and I think I can finish it today.
When we’re done with the easy sheet I’m going to look up how I can include the features and CSS of the difficult sheet. And of course test all the fields if they do what they should.
When we’re done we have to send a mail to roll20 to ask and upload it. There’s no easy button or something, so we have to formally request it.

We are expanding the sheet with a few boxes that include homebrew stuff or stuff that was not on the first sheet. Think boxes to track your MAGIC experience, spell burn and tags.


Here’s what I have so far. Still some minor issues to fix, like extending the text boxes. But I’m done for this afternoon. Time for some dinner!


Do you plan for having the ability to out tags feats and spells in there too?


I would like to have them. It will become a very long character sheet though, so I’m also looking for options to have a button to extend the sheet or make it smaller. For example, not every character needs the magic categories, so if I can make it that it can collapse, I will be happy and also add tags and feats.


I can now hide the texts and inputs below with a checkbox. Not the finest look for a sheet, but it works. So I’ll add the feats, traits and spells for you :slight_smile:


I made the Magic/Feats Tags and Spells/Altered State parts collapsable by this checkbox.
Magic gives the magic types and masteries and ingredients etc as shown above.
Feats, Tags and Spells give 5 boxes to put in Feats/Tags/Spells
Altered State gives Surge capsules, Links/Bonds, and more Tags

I don’t like the checkboxes for layout, but I’ll search for a better solution in the future

I uploaded the character sheet to Github, as are the directions from roll20. I don’t know if I did the right things, but if I did, it should appear on roll20 within a few days. If I done the wrong things, I might need to upload it again and keep trying. We’ll see :slight_smile:


Thanks for your hardwork @Seraphim! I’ll check out Roll20 in a few days to see if I can get to your sheet.


Looks amazing dude!!

My 2 cents: (means NOTHING, just reflects my own style)
My overall thinking is take out anything you don’t need and make it extremely custom-ICRPG friendly.

Death rolls, dog pile, battle fury, spell burn
Don’t think these are needed at all. When they occur during a game, I won’t be going in my character sheet every time I roll a death dice to update it, y’know?
Instead I’d rather have a couple of blank text and number boxes where Death Rolls/Hero Coin is, where I can put whatever I need (eg. Surge capsules, Custom Paladin Holy points, Death Rolls because we ended mid-encounter and I need to remember for next session, etc).

Traits, Tags, Spells
Rather then separate boxes, I think it would be more streamline and homebrew-friendly to simply have another list, like the items one, for Tags/Traits/Spells (Tags and Traits are the same thing essentially). I’d prefer longer boxes, like the item ones, to write the mechanic as well.
I’d want it directly after items, and for it to be collapsable. Players can use it for whichever they need (maybe even 2 lists separately collapsable, so players could choose to separate spells from tags or whatever).

Cut the fat
I would scrap the “other possessions” box. Since we have 20 items cap. If there is a need for extra items, I would just write them in notes.


I think if you could make the extras a different tab then folks who need them can still use them.

Would suggest looking at the Ironsworn sheet as it is a terrific translation of the table top sheet and includes lot of options with pull downs and so on.


Nooo, all on same page please :stuck_out_tongue: scrolling down is much easier than changing tab


We tried to make it very friendly to Homebrewing, and also include all the rules we could gather from various books. Not only core.

In any case this is why we have + so you can close all optional rules you dont use.

As for “Other possessions”. If player has Wagon, Keep … bank. Whatever. Our goal was that you dont need to keep any other notes except the character sheet.

That being said. I am also for blank boxes. So players can fill them with what they want. And also different tabs.

Problem is, limited knowledge of programming. So we did best we could…


This is such a monumental contribution to this community. thank you very much.

I am confused about a part of this thread. Do we need to do something in roll 20 to get the new character sheets? or do we just need to keep checking for the new sheets. As much as you have limited knowledge of programming, some of us are completely oblivious.


You did a great job!

Keep the note bit, use it for quest info or little tid bits from adventures i want to remember.

“Gremly the Goblin owes us!”


At the moment we are waiting for roll20 to approve the sheet and add it to free collection.

And than it will be available for everyone :slight_smile:


Update: I finally got through Github last Friday and submitted the sheet. The sheet was rejected and tonight I fixed it so that it should pass the test. I’m going to test all the options tomorrow in case I messed something up while fixing it (like combining different attributes where they shouldn’t). I hope to submit my redone character sheet tomorrow or on Thursday.

Edit: Just to press this some more: I’m not a programmer or someone who is easy with computers, so the whole process is going very slow. But at least it’s being done.


Really grateful, man. We all owe you a pint.


Haha, Only when it’s finally on roll20!