Blue Bomber: Megaman Inspired Custom Character type



A Homebrew I felt inspired to make after a conversation with a friend about Megaman. I tried to fit in all kinds of references to Megaman across all the different forms he’s taken. I appreciate any feed back and if you try it out please come back here and let me know how it went! (now here’s hoping I can get a GM to let me play this)

Note: I do not own that art work nor do i know the artist that made it to give proper credit.

Repository: Character Types

this is very cool. I might need to chat with my dm about a few of these options


This is great! I don’t think I understand Style Change.


Hey Thank you!, I think Ill do a quick edit on the sheet since I do notice a couple mistakes. but Style Change is essentially that you get 3 Styles, None, Custom, and Shield. Custom style would let you get an extra use of a consumable item. so A potion that would be used up after one drink is now used up after two drinks. Shield style lets you block once per round, and if you’re at 1hp when you’re successfully blocking an attack you’ll heal for Basic Effort. Changing Styles was supposed to take an action. I hope this was a good explanation of my idea, Ill try to make some edits to the sheet to see if I can make it a bit better.


Made some changes to the Type sheet, fixed somethings I missed, and tried to word aliitle better, hope it looks a bit better now!



Custom Types: Revised