Bearcats: Themed ICRPG Sheet



Today I’ve purchased the Sci Punk book to scratch a cyberpunk itch I’m having in the last couple of days.

Since I’m mostly running and playing games online I’ve decided to play Bearcats and XDZ on Tabletop Simulator as soon as we finish our Blood and Snow game this week. I didn’t find a themed character sheet of Bearcats in the vault so here is my take:

Any tips to improve? I’ll probably need to reduce the opacity of the D20 in the attributes, but I’ll do it after I test it in the table. Also, I’ll make a B/W printer-friendly version.

By the way, this is an awesome adventure/setting. I’ll post pics from the table in TTS later.

(edit: changed some titles color, added the shield image to the Defense stat)

Bearcats - Tabletop Simulator

That sheet is amazing. Really well done.


:blush: Thanks!

But all kudos to Hank, I’ve just put everything together using Photoshop hehe. I’m really digging his style and color pallet for Bearcats and the other Sci Punk worlds.

Now that the sheet is done I will start with the Tabletop Simulator assets it should not take too long (except for the character sheet, prepare one there is a pain…).


Where can you find the book? I’ve been wanting that for awhile because I bought Altered State separately for odf but I’m more of a physical book kind of guy


The Sci-Punk Anthology is currently up on DTRPG and that includes Altered State, BearCats, and Xeno Dead Zone.

You can get all three of those over on patreon in PDF if you want, and hopefully physical books will in the Runehammer store before too long.


As Kane said >>


Its taking form :metal:

I’ll be using tokens to allow the players to add portraits. The hero coins are almost done too.

I’ll not add any kind of automation, I want the players to fill the sheet by hand, as in a physical table. Need only to finish the dozen of text fields and checkboxes, but wrapping up for today, got Blood and Snow in a couple of hours hehe


The character sheet is completely done in TTS, now I’ve started to add small things like the themed dice:


Complete set of dice:
New World Green and Toxic Paint Orange :slight_smile:


its looking awsome and it gives me ideas on how to tune my own character sheet when i make it