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I’m creating a table in Tabletop Simulator to run some games of Bearcats with my friends (I’m overseas). I’m opening this new topic to separate what is the character sheet from the complete game implementation.

Motivation: Instead of using Foundry as we always do (the ICRPG module there is awesome), I’ve decided to use TtS to better emulate the feeling of playing on a presencial table, I got the feeling that it will be way cool to play this way.

Last Progress Update: Table finished!! :partying_face::partying_face: (image dump some posts below)
LINK to the table on Steam (Remember, you need Tabletop Simulator to play. This setup is free)

One thing I did that goes beyond the character sheet is based on something Hank suggested in the book, to attach the weapons tokens to the character’s portraits to make it more cool. In this case, I’m using small tokens to represent the equipment available to the players and I’ve extended the sheet with an Equipment area.

The tokens with different sizes occupy more or less space in the inventory (10 carried items) so everyone has a fast way to track their load. Also, they are color-coded as INvader Tech = orange, Common Guns = purple, Military = green. Using tokens also is a good way to place random stacks around the map for the players to find.

I want to also convert the 20 Gear pieces to tokens, but I need the art for them. If anyone knows where to find similar art following the Bearcats style, let me know!


It looks amazing, and I would love to try it out!


Of course! I will finish and playtest with my table to see if nothing is broken and post the steam workshop link here


Testing options for the standee:

  • Pure alpha seems to blend too much on the background
  • The white background is ok, looks almost like the physical table with the paper chars
  • White contour seems like a good compromise, almost like the suggested idea in the book

What fo you guys/gals think?


I like the outlined version or the classic paper standee. Keep rocking this setup. It’s so cool to see! :herocoin:


Love what you have done with it on TTS! … and white contour look best… can’t wait to check the link out for my own shananigans in BearCats… Game On!


Progress Update: invaders vs. Bearcats standees. These mofos are huge!

Loosely based on this image of the pg. 19 of the book:


Oh, they have a backside too!


What you are doing is amazing.


Thanks everyone glad to hear that you’re liking it!

Last update for the night: Invaders index cards:

I was thinking in doing some monster sheets for them with ICRPG statuses but frankly will just be better to put a counter/dice for Status and Effort on top of the tiles and call it a day. TtS has hidden areas where I can keep the cards open for me but invisible to the rest of the tableso its even easier to keep the Invaders simple.


Finally finished! Thanks everyone for the support!

Next couple of hours I’ll be testing and publishing in the Tabletop Simulator workshop so everyone can play it.

Mandatory image dump:

The drop ships are coming!

GM area:everything you put in there is invisible to the players

The Bearcats Heroes, themed dice and tiles to living up the board

Guns & Tech tokens:

(I’m still working on the art for the rest of the gear, but the tokens are done)

Fairview High stylized map with legend:

Character sheet:

Fog war using tiles:

The Teach and the Kid are fighting the Big Fella!

Share your thoughts, let me know if you have some crazy ideas to add!


Link of the Steam Workshop page containing the table. Ready to play, let me know if everything works for you.

Remember to post pics of your gameplay here when you play!


Claim your HERO COIN, Shining Shield! :herocoin::shield:
Wanna run a little something for us? A playtest with the cool gang from the forums/Discord? :smiley:


Oh, thanks haha! :metal:

I would love to. But I need to practice my English playing a bit before I start to GM in English (not my first language), but reading and writing are not an issue (not a big one at least). I’ve been running games since the '90s, but only in Brazilian Portuguese :laughing:

I have planned to join Patreon and Discord in the next couple of months, so please invite me to your tables Shield Wall!


Update: Infinite bags!
Made every item in the GM area an infinite bag that contains the item itself. This way you can click and drag them to the table whenever you need. Delete them after use, easy to clean the table and if you need more later just pick another one in the GM area.

Bags of infinite bags: If you want the players to randomly loot a type of item (like during character creation or exploration) you just drag the bags to the table, shuffle the content, and have the players draw. Delete the bag after, if you need more there is always an infinite supply of them :slight_smile:

The update is published already, next time you try to play the changes will be there.


This is outstanding work. I’ve run Bearcats on Foundry, but this looks so much more amazing! If I get to run it again I’ll definitely use Tabletop Simulator.


Update: States! Invaders tokens and also vehicles)

Using tokens is easy to setup your session with fog of war and just change the state of the token for the mini after the reveal (Right click >> State OR Mouse over Key 1/ Key 2)


amazing work! and thanks for sharing


Update: Target Numbers, baby!

To change the number: Right Click >> State