Bastard Sword, advanced era fantasy for ICRPG!


What happened to the AC&C thread?

I just got it! Thanks! I’ll read it during my night shift!


Definitely let me know what you think, I did write it in a way that younger and newer GMs can understand it. And like everything ICRPG take what you want from it for your table and forget the rest of it.


Congrats man! :partying_face:


It lives! keen to have a read.


Excellent! Can we pay you for this or what?


Thank you, but no need. I’ll be putting some other stuff out for it soonish but this book for AC&C will always remain free, it was my gift to the ICRPG community during the beginning of the pandemic.

Even the new stuff I will do for it will be pay what you want on DriveThru that way when money is tight people can still play.


Thank you very much for the hard work. It is a fantastic supplement. I will keep an eye out for new products!


Sorry about the last minute name change guys, another small publisher had a crypts and creatures game and kindly asked me to change it, so I did. And now named after the favorite weapon of my oldest and longest running player (we began playing together in 1989 with ad&d 2e).


Has a nice OSR feel to it in the same vein as FTD and OSE, but with the ICRPG mechanics incorporated.


I’m working on a new version of this that’s 2e QuickStart compatible… so I’ll be MIA for a bit. Will post when I get it all tackled. More classes and spells too… think ad&d 1e/2e era.


It’s getting there, couple more weeks maybe. I have about 100 additional monsters to add.


There’s a lot, a lot, in here that I really appreciate. Looking forward to your additions.


This is a nice class definition. Keep up the good work! I think your rule set has a ton of potential to flesh out the foundation of ICRPG in a very appealing OSR way.


Thank you, it’s actually done now, just waiting on DriveThruRPG to approve it so it goes in the store.


My goal going into this was to get older players (like the ones at my table) to play ICRPG by giving them something a bit more familiar to them, while keeping the great ICRPG mechanics.


Wow… just read through this and the amount of work put into it is simply awesome! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you! It’s been a long time in the making and there’s more on the way.


My Brother Inkjet is going to hate me.


It’ll take all of your ink and then some, I did put some at-cost books on Amazon and lulu but they are still $18 (Amazon softcover) and $33 (lulu hardcover) even at-cost.