Bastard Sword, advanced era fantasy for ICRPG!


I bought your first one on Amazon :wink: I’ll probably end up doing this one as well lol


These Amazon prints look great, I got mine a few days ago.


Yeah I was pretty impressed with what arrived with that first edition. It was pretty sharp


I think you need to reconsider the 20 rolls of a natural 20 per level.that progression is way too onerous. It needs to be easier at lower levels


That option is from the ICRPG core 2e Quickstart


Honestly there’s not much of a power difference with levels… it plays almost like E6. But you can just use 5e XP etc. or whatever works for your table. I just groked the mastery 20s as a way to do it that was exciting for my players when they rolled a crit.


@DSMyers The book looks great. Just ordered on Amazon. I got the black AC&C from Amazon a while back. Cant wait to have the physical book in hand. Think I will try a solo game with it. I really like the Old style feel of it.


I case I haven’t said it before or said it enough, I like Bastard Sword a lot. @DSMyers did a wonderful work. It distinctly feels like old school rpgs without all those clunky rules, which exactly was his aim while creating the system.

It is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to play at the table. :+1:t2:

If you guys like Black Hack, Maze Rats and similar things but wished they were closer to ICRPG, this is the book to get.


@Khan I got the combo pack today from Drive thru… thanks for discounted price…


You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy them.


Just an FYI - already purchased print from Amazon lol


Print book will stay the same it was a few minor changes, I really kind of suck at doing all this stuff lol. I’m good at the creating part and terrible at the editing, promotion, business side of rpg stuff.

I’ve wrote and released 4 or 5 whole roleplaying games over the years and then pulled them just because my brain is a mess and I get frustrated and unhappy with the whole thing and walk away from it.


I am literally over the moon with this. I’ve just setup blood and snow with some bonus’s on fantasty grounds and was about to get stuck into AC&C (which was epic). Now I have this to digest tonight and play with over the next week.


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I gotta just say that I LOVE the Orange Spine. I don’t know if that shade was intentional or not, but It just conjures the right amount of nostalgia.


So glad ya noticed. 100% intentional :slight_smile:


Contgrats man!

In the Drivethru description, mentioning that ICRPG 2E Quickstart is free might be good idea.


The Dropbox folder above now contains a Players Handbook and a character sheet.


This is amazing! exactly what I personally felt icrpg was needing, I had been working on something similar but this is way more polished. Loved ac&c and stole quite a bit from it when I was making my hack.
Sorry to hear about your hardships it’s been tough my whole industry and career disappeared over night with this pandemic, leaving me unemployed for 7 months so I feel some of your pain.


Thanks man, feel free to join our little group on Facebook. I’m currently trying to get everything available on DriveThruRPG (packaged with Fantasy Grounds .mods). Hopefully it’s all available next week.