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Hello my dear brethren,

I’ve been hard at work for almost two months, hence my absence from the forums. An important milestone has been reached and I decided to write this post to inform anyone who is interested about what I’m doing and what’s coming.

Bombshell #1:

KHAN’S SPELLS & FEATS Vol 2. is coming!
The writing is finished as of yesterday. There will of course be many revisions, fixes and changes but the bulk of the work is done. Next step is to port those words into the pretty pdf format and make the page designs. This will take some more time.

I will write another post and provide details there.
Edit: Post is live: Khan's SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 2 Teaser

Bombshell #2:

Great news for those who want to hold a physical book in their hands! Both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 will be available in soft and hardcover (in addition to the default pdf-only option). Physical books will be bundled with the pdf as they should be. Those who already have the pdf will get a discount for the price of the pdf when buying the physical copy.

Bombshell #3:

This is a bombshell only if you are interested in HERO CARDS. I will combine both decks into one and release it as a printed deck. It will be lovely. This will come later because I will be busy with both volumes of SPELLS & FEATS.

Regular News:

Before the physical book is available, SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 will receive an update. After coming back to it months later, I realized that some things aren’t as clear as they could have been. I will make these enhancements and completely redo the page design for printing. This is not a hard work per se but will take some time because I will recreate all of the pages from scratch.

Later in the pipeline:

I will create an adventure module. There has been some demand that I’ve seen and I’m going to create one adventure to see whether I’m imagining things. I am thinking an Alfheim module will be great but I’m open to suggestions. There are many months before a single word will be written and plans might change.

Feel free to chime in with your ideas, suggestions, requests and new product ideas/wishes.

Happy gaming!

Khan's SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 2 Teaser

Hell yes, dude! :raised_hands:
Take your bag of Hero Coins! :metal:
:moneybag: :herocoin:


This is all great news! Thanks for putting out all this awesome material!


Thanks for the appreciation!


Bombshell #4? Maybe not a bombshell, but more of a CHRISTMAS IN JULY - Vol 1. is 25% off for the next 10 days or so.



Bombshell #4 is news to me! Apparently, gods of drivethru decided to do this because I allowed them to make discounts as they see fit, anytime they want.

Go grab it then guys and gals!


Warp Shell module, of course! :+1:


Well for the first one, it shall either be Alfheim or Warpshell, no?


What about a crossover module? Snakemen in space? :open_mouth:


Not a bad idea, but might piss off both camps, who knows. :smile:


I’ve always been in the camp that these were all interconnected universes, I won’t be pissed either way! :open_mouth:
Perhaps, a good way to reach both camps without explicitely doing so, is to have some sort of portal or opening into a “mysterious other world” at some point in the adventure~


This is awesome news! Definitely going in on the hard copies!


Awesome, can’t wait for the softcover books :slight_smile:


Update #1

I finished the new page designs for both books yesterday. Hardcopies will be around the average size of ICRPG core books (they vary from book to book).

KS&F Vol. 1

I’m happy to report that the print pdf is complete!

I’ve been hard at work for the last two weeks. After finishing the new page design for printing, I ported the whole book into it. It is smaller, taller and narrower. I re-read everything and made lots of changes. Around 30% of the book has been reworded but only a handful of mechanics have changed. I had to create a new character sheet modeled after the old one because the old one didn’t fit into the changed aspect ratio of the pages.

Gonna go over the printing checklist and gonna check and recheck everything and will create the final pdf for printing. It should only take a couple of days. If the pdf is approved, then I’ll order a proof copy. That should take a couple of weeks to arrive at my door at most. If everything is alright, hardcopies will be available that day. If not, another round of revisions of the pdf must be done.

I’ll let everyone know how things are progressing.

KS&F Vol. 2

Thanks to the work done on Vol. 1, Vol. 2 is waiting to be ported into the print pdf. While porting, I’ll read everything again and make the necessary changes to the text. Then it’ll be artwork time. Maybe I’ll do an early access before starting to create all of the artwork.

Work will resume on Vol. 2 after Vol.1 is sent to Drivethrurpg, which will happen in a couple of days like I said above. Since I will read and adjust everything again while porting, it won’t be a fast process.


Update #2

KS&F Vol. 1

PDF and cover for the hardcover is sent to Drivethru for approval. Hopefully both will be approved without any hiccups. If no issues crop up, I’ll upload the files for the softcover as well.

Apparently due do the pandemic, printing times have increased to 3 weeks at least it seems. We can always claim that patience is a virtue.

KS&F Vol. 2

Putting all of the writing into the print format is going to start tomorrow!


Update #3

KS&F Vol. 1

PDF approved by Drivethrurpg and I ordered a proof copy. It should arrive in less than four weeks.

KS&F Vol. 2

22 pages are done. It should be somewhere between 100-120 pages when finished.