Age of Snakes is out!



Age of Snakes has been released! (NOTE: This is a Dave Thaumavore book, not a Runehammer Games book. But it is 100% for use with ICRPG!)

Drivethrurpg product page product page (digital-only, $1 less than

You can get a print-on-demand copy via Amazon. There you will find a B&W softcover “Journal Edition” that includes 105 extra blank pages at the end so that you can have the game supplement and your notes all in one book. Here’s the link:

Product info:
King Henryk has fallen. This sets off a chain reaction of events across all of Alfheim that gives rise to the Snake-Men once more, and giving power to Bast, the ruthless successor to the snake-god mastermind Sett. Bast controls the minds of all Snake-Men, and uses them to topple one region after another.

Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim is a game supplement for use with Index Card RPG. It contains over 80 pages of content themed to the 150-year period following the death of King Henryk. The book contains the following:

  • All artwork done by the original creator of ICRPG, Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games
  • A new villain, the undead Snake-Man Bast
  • 46 new character tags
  • 8 factions to join in the struggle against Snake-Men
  • 6 pregenerated “Champions” to kickstart the fight
  • Details for all 15 regions of Alfheim on how the Age of Snakes has affected them
  • 13 new monsters, four of which are Snake-Man variants
  • 3 unique adventures that work together to tell the story of the end of the Age of Snakes, or as standalone adventures

The digital version of this book includes:

  • Print-and-play standees containing all monsters
  • Printable multi-page PDFs of all maps for physical tables
  • Raw art in separate PNGs that can be used for Virtual Table Tops (VTTs)
  • (ver 1.3 update on 11.11.19) A “Bast Encounter Pack”: 6-page PDF detailing how to run the final encounter with Bast, two full-color maps for VTT or full-sized print-to-table, and all the necessary tokens



This looks so good man! I can tell already a lot of love went into this. Headed over to buy it now!


Sweeeeeet. Take a Hero Coin and my money :beer:


It is a good weekend for ttrpg!!
Age of Snakes


Say no more, sir. Take my money.


Ordered. Hard back and PDF. Nice work man.


What Citizen Thaumavore doesn’t mention (but should’ve!), is that on his product page there is free extra cut material-loot tables, threat/danger tables, more lore…pick it up so you can say you have the ‘director’s cut’ of Age of Snakes!


This has turned into a surprisingly awesome ICRPG day!

I just snatched this up, because I know there’s plenty of good stuff in there. But I do have kind of a weird question: How hard will it be to, say… do a wholesale conversion of all the snake references to some other verminous critter? My wife has a very serious phobia… so much so that I prescreen a lot of our movies, and even to say the word can result in really bad nightmares for her. As such, I carefully avoid all snake references in our RPG games, board games, etc.

So I get that I need to not display the cover, and switch up some of the foes and Lore, maybe scare up some of my own art for whatever type of vermin-men I end up using… Would there be more to do than that, @Dave_Thaumavore?


I don’t think it would be hard to reskin as an undead or necromantic menace across Alfheim.


Man how awesome wouldn’t it be to roleplay snobs every session x)


Well, since the main snek villain controls all of the others with his will, reskin the whole as Zergs invading Alfheim! Mwuahaha!


Really, people? Has everyone forgotten that the snake’s most vicious enemy…

…is the mongoose!

Who else would destroy the secret snake army, but the Malicious Marauding Mongooses…From Beyond the MOON|!!!


Love your work Dave, ordered and told my friends. Love the package, can never do with enough art and minis.


I guess one could Find-and-Replace every instance of “Snake-Man” and serpent and the like, and replace with something else, and toss out the 7 or 8 Snake-man portraits. It would probably be easier to just pick and choose concepts out of the book that strike your fancy or inspire you, and roll those into your own adventure prep.


The Hamster-ggedom?
The Rat-ture?
The Xeno Invasion?
Attack on Furbies?
Hmmm… It started as a satire, but I’m starting to like the concepts…


Any one of these would be a banger!


Awesome release and awesome effort man!

Gonna pull the trigger very soon.


Thanks, I think it’ll be pretty manageable. Was just double checking if there were any major plot points that will need revising, or if a simple costume change would be enough.


nabbed it! looking great already!


“The Match Maker” made me laugh. Just the idea of a big ol’ monster smashing two folks together “now kiss” cracked me up.