Age of Snakes is out!



Is it PDF only now? I thought there was a printed option on DriveThruRPG.


Just ordered the book/PDF yesterday. I REALLY love having more ideas for Tags. I’m really happy with my purchase.


I ordered the Hardback off Drivethru yesterday.


Ok, right now the only option available is PDF.


That’s really odd. You might want to tag Dave. when I ordered it the only print option was Hardcover which was a little weird. I wonder why there is no print option today?


Hehe, yep! Yesterday DrivethruRPG emailed me out of the blue with an automated message that informed me they cannot fulfill any more print orders because their presses can’t handle high volume orders of my particular manuscript. (not kidding)

Fortunately, I have a lower cost B&W paperback in the works on Drivethru, as well as a B&W paperback Journal Edition of the book (the book’s contents plus 100 blank pages to act as a journal) in the very final stages to be sold on Amazon. Amazon approved that yesterday and I’m waiting for it to hit their site in the next couple of days.

I will post a reply here as well as make a new forum post announcing the Journal Edition once it is available on Amazon.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I had no idea drivethrurpg’s POD services were so unreliable. I’ll probably be using Amazon for future print-on-demand projects.


It looks like the Amazon version is live!

I was just informed by DrivethruRPG that they will be issuing refunds to people who ordered the hardcopy. I consider this a disaster. But at least folks will be able to get a pretty high quality print via Amazon now!


Here is a test copy of what the Journal Edition looks like. Obviously it won’t have the gray strip across the front and back cover when it shows up in your mailbox.


Damn, was looking forward to that hardback.

Will there just be the Journal edition? Or is there another version forthcoming?


I might try for another hardback edition, but the softcover format does feel more appropriate for a book of this length. Also, drivethrurpg’s outsrouced POD service is a bit of a dumpster fire.


I’d be down for a hardcopy too. Weird to have only one softcover in the set…


Oh my Majere!
So glad it’s available in Canada! Thank you so much! I’m buying this as soon as I get home!!


Age of snakes is on sale on drivethrurpg today. 33% off the PDF, and 50% off the book/PDF combo.


I already got my copy! But thank you for telling us! :smiley: