A Druid Character Type


I’m wanting to create a Druid character type, although the name may be changed. Specifically, my daughter (age 9) wants to be able to have animal allies. So I figured a Druid with the options of being able to communicate with animals or change into animals would be appropriate.

I’m focusing on utilizing the format/style used in the ICRPG Quickstart, where I “borrowed” some ideas of course. Well anyways, here is my 1st attempt at creating a character type for ICRPG. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

DRUID >> Preservers of the balance of nature

 **STARTING ABILITY** (Choose 1)

BEAST MASTER: Speak with, and use CHA to persuade, non-magical animals
NATURE WARDEN: Nature magic always EASY to cast
SHAPECHANGER: Choose 1 animal. Take its form for 1d4 ROUNDS

 **STARTING LOOT** (Choose 1)

ANIMAL COMPANION: Gain a loyal animal ally with 1 HEART
LUNAR RING: Gain any 3 WIS SPELLS. Activate ring to illuminate NEAR.
TOTEM ORNAMENT: Attach this bone and feather device to any 1 WEAPON. Your attacks inflict ENERGY damage


EVER STRONGER: Add 1 to any STAT or learn 1 new WIS SPELL
BARKSKIN: Gain +1 DEFENSE, and when outdoors RECOVER ATTEMPTS are made EASY
NATURE CAMOUFLAGE: Make a stealth roll even when lightly obscured in foliage to simply disappear
LAND STRIDER: Pass through nonmagical plants and brambles without being slowed or taking damage by them
ATTUNED: You are immune to nature magic
GIANT ANIMAL FORM: Transform into a giant animal, assuming its form and STATS for 1d4 ROUNDS
SUMMON ANIMAL: Roll WIS to summon an animal ally


BEAST MASTER: Persuading or intimidating animals with CHA is always EASY
NATURE WARDEN: Choose 1 natural terrain type (forests, swamps, mountains, etc.) All ATTEMPTS made while in chosen terrain are EASY.
SHAPECHANGER: Choose 3 animals. Take each form for 2d4 ROUNDS


It looks great, man! Thanks for sharing!

On the topic of allies, I’ve written rules on that a long time ago and shared here. It may have something to help and inspire you, so here’s the link for the discussion here at the forum. You can download a more up to date pdf version here. Let us know how it went!


Thanks @P_Frota!

I’ll take a look at your pdf.


Very cool!
Could also think of a few epic druid items to be found in the game. Raptor claw (a claw to go on your claw!), shapechanger’s amulet (increase time in animal form by 1 round), Elder-druid’s head-dress: add WIS to main stat rolls of animal form (str for bear, dex for wolf, etc), Arch-druid’s emblem (on successful shapechanger attempt, take another action)

Maybe also be fun to make a shapechanger fumble table:
1: Stuck in beast form - stuck in beast form until you are able to rest for long time (or roll 20?)
2: Beast mind - on failed rolls behave as wild animal would (maybe make a table for this?)
3: Lost connection - can’t transform for the rest of encounter
4: Wrong form - Transform into opposite animal (eg. mouse instead of bear)