Zine Quest 2



Kickstarter is coming back with Zine Quest 2! If you didn’t follow this before, it’s a prompt from Kickstarter to run a small campaign for a tabletop RPG zine. It can be a full RPG, or contain any RPG content. If your not a creator, it’s still an interesting thing to watch. Some really awesome stuff came out of the first Zine Quest.

I put out my first ICRPG zine with Zine Quest, but I haven’t decided if I am going to use Zine Quest 2 for the sequel. Anyone else think they might run a campaign?


Thanks for the link! I’ve never really considered creating a Kickstarter project, but this might really encourage me to rethink that. I’d also be really keen to collaborate with others, if there’s interest in a collection of adventures for use with ICRPG.