XDZ on Foundry - First Game Night! (UPDATE)



UPDATE: Had a blast tonight with the gang,

3 Players, 6 chars, 2 KIA in the last moments, but four of them escaped.

I’ll package everything and make it available (without the assets, just the character sheets). I’ll post an update here when its done.

Doing my own take on Xeno Dead Zone for Foundry, I liked this character sheet`s simple and fast rules. Also the art.

The sheet is working, rolls are more or less working, and I’ve started with the bells and whistles. I’m thinking in doing the Xenos as orange crt cards, to help differentiate (god I’m old)…

Well, what do you think? Any ideas to make this more immersive?


I love your looks and theme! More info on how you use this sheet please! Some of it seems self explanatory but I feel like I am missing some detail.


I’ll resume the work on the system and keep posting here


Roll cards are done!

I’ve opt to roll together Attempt and Weapon damage: it’s faster and I don’t like the pace interruption caused by “Ok, you hit now roll damage”.

Equiped weapon: click on the weapon image
Normal weapon roll: click on weapon’s name
Alternative roll: Shift+click on the name, damage will be rolled accordingly (note that the Pulse Rifle has a normal roll, an expending ammo roll and Grenade launcher roll. For the Grenade click directly on the grenade name

No automation, you’re a big boy! :wink:


Mission objectives done!


Had a fun evening seeing the Marines running from the Xenos…


Finally got the time to keep working on the adaptation for Foundry:

After the first game I’ve felt that the Swarm roll was taking to much time and it was not fun, just routine work on the game loop. Automated the Roll for Xenos + Roll to divide + Roll for Locations in one simple click, presenting the result on the chat as the image below