XDZ is here


Xeno Dead Zone is now available on DriveThruRPG. It makes makes adventures like this easy as pie. :sunglasses:


Damn we gotta play some XDZ on the VTTeyoo!


I loved running that game. Too much fun.

A lot of the early character ideas from this game are in XDZ.


I enjoyed watching them and now I’m looking forward to running my own. :sunglasses:


Did @Runehammer check to see if he can legally sell this? Aliens is owned by Fox/Disney. @Alex do you know?


I did a boat load of research on that question, Nighthawk.
The simple answer is that homage-style work really only becomes infringement when the exact images, names and wordage are used in teh same combinations, and same markets, as their originator. We have little deviations all over that keep us just a few degrees ‘off’ from Ridley Scott’s masterwork, and Giger’s ‘Necronomicon.’
The ALIEN franchise has many spinoff products, and Fox’s stance is more based on ‘threat to brand’ rather than stifling tribute products in cottage industries.
One important thing to remember, is that if copyrigts and trademarks become overly expansive, they will eventually choke creative industry…this is why only VERY specific things are truly protectable… like trademarks, images, and production elements. If we had made thsi game with photos from the movies, for example… that would be bad form!


Sweet! I saw someone question the legality of it and it worried me a little. I was expecting XDZ to be awesome and it’s far above my expectations. You really did your homework on this. This could be another best seller. :sunglasses:


you know, there are never easy answers on intellectual property.
in my limited experience, it comes down to the difference between homage/tribute/inspired by and a malicious intent to undermine or steal the artifacts that make the original what it is. This is why we pulled several key words from XDZ, used no specific names or likenesses, and pay clear credit to the movies from 40 years ago. Also, XDZ is made with original inked artwork that, to me, does not steal from Giger’s designs as much as plays with them.
I’m happy you bring thsi up, Nighthawk, because it’s very important to keep it all out in the open!


After reading through the rulebook I have to say this looks absolutely amazing


I was wondering if this was by design or you missed it. The Commando have stats, but on your fill in PC sheet you do not have a spot to fill that in, Why?


The Commandos are pre-gens in case you want to run this as an ICRPG game.

The character sheet is for XDZ ruleset. ICRPG already has its own specific character sheets.


Yep. You can run XDZ as a “board game” or use the classes in the PDF to run it as an RPG or a hybrid of both.


Just had my eldest watch Alien 1-2 to prep some lore before playing XDZ.

Also. Musing to run an alternate timeline Aliens game with ICRPG XDZ


Sweeet! That’s really awesome!!!


Nice! I watched Alien yesterday. Classic Easter flick.


For resurrection Sunday I watched Alien Resurrection. :sunglasses:


Just picked this up of Drivethrurpg this past weekend. Cant wait to jump in.


So I have a question for running this using ICRPG core rules. Since the map is pretty close together and plotted out with cards do you still use the banana movement to move from room to room, or just freeform it?


It depends on how large or small you print the maps, right? If you’re printing four to a page on 8.5 x 11 or A4 paper, a banana will be too large for the space. When my son and I played it, we played it more like zombicide with a near move being one quadrant and a dash (far Move) being two. It also depends on the size you print the minis (I recommend you print them smaller). At the normal page size, they will be a little large for the map. You could also play where one room is a near move and two rooms is a far move at that scale. But the movement is your call, really. Make this ruleset your own and play it in the way that makes the most sense.