XDZ Companion app live on Apple and Google stores



Apple FINALLY cleared the app!

I think this should get you to the app on the Apple App Store (I’m an Android user so not 100% on the process).

Still in beta on the Google Play Store.

New version soon with Tracking Mode toggle so you can instantly see where the Xenos spawn if you want.


This is awesome man congratulations!


Most excellent, dude! :metal:

The link works just fine for Apple (I’m on an iPhone 6). Just loaded the app. Going to play around with it. Is any specific feedback you’re looking for or general use stuff?


Duuude! This works wonderfully! At first I didn’t realize I had to select the rooms before any xenos would spawn. Is it possible to add that to the quick rules when the app opens?

I dig that when the baddies spawn it gives a pop up message about Death Saves for the locations. Slick way to stay on top of new spawns. Excellent work, man, really easy to use. Take a Hero Coin. :herocoin:


Thanks for checking out the app! The Xenos spawn regardless of selection of the locations. They just don’t show up in the list below unless you have the location selected. This is to keep the spawning secret until the Commandos encounter the Xenos.

I have a newer version that allows you to turn on what I’m calling Tracking Mode and the number of Xenos spawned are displayed in the locations. I also need to change the wording in the pop-up saying the Xenos spawned, but just not in the occupied locations… I’ll have to look at the instructions also to see if I can improve that.


Do I need to delete my test app and get this one? Or, should I still use the test app?


Hmm…if you where using TestFlight, you may need to remove the app before installing from the Apple App Store


@Jason_Scranton, this is the app I was telling you about. :+1:


Released new version to Google and Apple app stores…still waiting for the Apple process to complete (may be a day or two…) but the Android app is available. Added Tracking Mode that you can get to through the menu, it shows the numbers of Xenos at each location.

Going to put this app on the back burner while I work on a couple other projects, but if you have any issues or suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out!


I can’t thank you enough for this. It makes bookkeeping a snap for the game. let me know if there’s a place to send a few bucks in gratitude.


:herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin:

Take them all awesome coins, you amazing devil!! :smiley:


So Cool, Michael. This took no small amount of work, you slayed it!


Thanks for the offer for a couple bucks…I have other plans to possibly monetize this endeavor.


Thanks for the encouragement! Hoping to get another version out after I get settled into my next job. Have a couple improvements…especially around moving Xenos around the map more easily.


Downloading on Android now. I somehow missed XDZ, so I’ll be getting that as well. I’m excited to check it out!

Curious, what language did you use? React Native?


Quick UX feedback: probably don’t need a ‘confirm’ for down, but definitely for ‘reset’.


Using Flutter, more excited for it’s future then React Native


Ah cool! I’ll look in to it.

I work with Apache Cordova, not as cool for sure, but it makes apps.

Awesome work!