World of Aurora 2E is released on DriveThru


After more play testing, it was time to properly remake my fantasy/pirate setting. I don’t like making long posts so I’ll just say if you’re interested, follow the link and read the description for what’s all included. I hope others find some enjoyment from it the way I have!

I do want to throw a huge thank you to @Runehammer for the commissioned map and @KaneDriscol for the commissioned class and monster art! You guys are amazing.


Finally!!!.. years in the making… can’t wait to sink my characters into the brink with this one!.. Congrats @Kindred


Thanks @Ezzerharden! Yeah, I had shelfed it for a long time, but finally had the pirate itch again, and then finished playtesting and making adjustments. Hope you enjoy it!


Congrats on your release! :+1:t2::fire:


Aaww man, I guess that is a naval setting? Must… resist… buying…


Yes sir! It could be used as strictly fantasy too, but it adds more 17th century items and has more spread out continents meant for sea travel.


Just got a copy and read through it. Awesome book! Beautiful art and content. I put this up this up there with the core materials in quality and material. For years now I have wanted to run a game based on the 1990’s Pirates of Dark Water cartoon but have struggled to find the right stuff but I think your setting is a perfect starting point for me to use and sprinkle in a couple of tropes from the show. highly recommend!


@Naphetres, thanks so much! That’s a huge compliment and means a lot. It wouldn’t have looked nearly as good without @KaneDriscol’s help on artwork!


Very well done and highly recommended. I did a podcast review and posted it here for those interested.

Review: ICRPG World of Aurora


Bought and loving what I see.



Any plans for making it available in print?


Thanks so much! Currently I don’t have plans to physical print, I’ve just never pursued that. However I can look into it and then make a decision!


I just wanted to pop back in and say that after having had more time to dig into this I really like what it has to offer. Good meat on its bones without a lot of extra fat just for the sake of adding more in. As someone who was probably way too into pirates as a kid this brings back the wonder of those years and I hope I can test it out on the table sometime soon.


Thanks @Looten! That means a lot to me. I tried not to add too much fluff LOL.