I’m looking for 3-4 players for a TWD-themed ICME Oneshot.

  • We’ll be using ICVTT
  • and Discord for Voice and Video
  • probably for 3-4 hours

SETTING: Two years ago, shit hit the fan. Humanity is screwed. Undead walkers everywhere, but hostile survivors are the bigger threat.When finally joining the WOODLAND SAFEZONE, you were asked:

  • How many walkers did you kill?
  • How many people did you kill?
  • Why?

HOOK: A huge explosion in the nearby city of FAIRVIEW drew the attention of WOODFALL’s leader. A group of scouts was sent but did not return in time. So YOU are sent to see what’s up there.

SURVIVOR CREATION: (= character)

  • Name and Token (as usual)
  • 6 Stats, 4 Effort
  • 5 TAGs that grant +3 on specific rolls (aka “skills”)
  • 5 pieces of loot
    (no abilities, no lifeform stuff… everybody is human and has had a job two years ago)

STRICT AMMO COUNT: Because of the setting, we’ll do bean counting ammunition. Ranged weapons have x number of uses, and like 2 reloads (e.g. sacrifice move).

Let me know if you’re interested. We’ll probably do a discord thread in #lfg too.


Again, here’s an example survivor

Jeff Ziegler, former taxi driver

  • DEX +2, INT +2, WIS +2
  • Basic Effort +2, Gun Effort +2
  • Skill Tags:
    • driving car
    • shooting revolver
    • human insight
    • mechanical repairs
    • orientation
  • Equipment
    • revolver (6 rounds, 2 reloads, DEX to shoot, GUN effort, loud)
    • folding knife (concealed, STR, WEAPON effort)
    • pepper spray (DEX to spray if close, disables foe for d4 rounds)
    • battery pack (charge up to two electric devices)
    • cordless drill (batteries included)


Aeinar is this time a bit better for you? (Moving it by another hour is probably a bit too much for me)


@glocke I would love to join you for this game.


@glocke This looks great to me. Sorry for the delay.


Sounds like we’ve got 2 out of 4 slots filled :slight_smile:


Nice. Is there a minimum you need to confirm the game, or can your adventure be run to your satisfaction with just two players?


we’re on three players if I’m right, since @c_oyote wants to join us.