Hey, it’s finished! Thanks for your input

I took inspiration from @DMChef (ICRPG WW2) and @Kindred (The Division), so thank you guys. I’m a big fan of aircraft combat and I’m planning a lot of these for my next game, so here’s a sneak peek of the booklet with 10 planes I’m preparing for my players.

Oh, about Air Superiority: In game, if your craft has an Air Superiority rank higher than your opponents, you gain a +1 bonus on all relevant piloting, attack, and maneuver checks per point of difference. Air
Superiority is usually measured from 1 to 6 during the years of World War II.

For the hive mind: any adventure or scene ideas? Full credit, of course.


Here’s the pdf for v1.0. Still pretty bare, but I tend to expand old files from time to time. I’ll be back to this after a few more games.


Super cool man. I love what you are doing with this. Go the distance.


This is a fantastic idea. I’m completely new to the game engine, but this project proves how far it can go.


This looks great @P_Frota !

While I’d never say never, it is unlikely I would run a World War setting considering my interests and the people I most often game with, but I would totally reskin this for a sci-fi setting for space ship battle. If you’re into that genre as well, perhaps you’d consider a separate re-themed supplement.

Side note-while the worn leather/parchment backdrop of the layout looks cool, it is a strain on my eyes to read the text to the point that it is a turn off. It may just be me. Plus, if your intent is to share this through printable means, it could be a real killer for print jobs.

Great use of the “Chunks” concept!


For a possible adventure seed-PCs need to steal a aircraft. The scene is about needing to infiltrate a hanger and steal a plane(s). Bypass/put down guards, etc. Maybe the hanger(s) contain random possibilities for which type of plane(s) is inside. I know I would have fun with that.


Thanks for the reply and comments, man

I love sci-fi themes, but I think the Core book has you covered… of course, if I ever have the inspiration/time, it’s something I’d love to do.

Printing was not on my plans. I might format a printer-friendly version at the end… I’m still testing formats/learning :slight_smile: thanks for the tip, I’ll certainly take that into consideration, since other players and GMs might have felt the same!

That’s great! May I expand and use it, crediting it to you, of course?


Thanks, man

I believe the Core book proves again and again how flexible ICRPG is, with fantasy, sci-fi and horror adventures in it. And we also have survival, super heroes and cyber punk with the supplements… and video game settings written by people here. We can do a lot with it. I can’t wait to see what you will share too!


Right on, yeah with all the great work you’ve put into the design I thought maybe you were looking to produce and distribute it on DTRPG etc. If not, then really the format is irrelevant as long as you dig it. :slight_smile: It is highly likely I’d find a use for it if you made it available to the community.

While the core book does offer the great methodology for chunks, it definitely doesn’t offer 10 ready made unique planes covered like this supplement you’re working on. But, it’d certainly be easy enough to use what you’re putting out here and swap out names, some terminology, and tokens/minis and one is off to the races from Star Wars to home brew or any sci-fi setting. As you may know a number of the ships in Star Wars were designed with old school air craft as the inspiration.

As for the scenario suggestion, by all means use and expand on it. I’m not too worried about credit but if you do include it, my handle here is fine. :+1:


Very cool! I agree with others that having this worked out would be a great resource for any kind of flying based adventure with some basic reskinning. Which is the best part about ICRPG.

Adventure ideas; you probably already thought of this but look at what the actual jobs of the planes were and the types of missions they ran. You could make up a simple table for quick and dirty scenarios with “Bomber Escort” and then have a recommendation for what aircraft should be taking part.

Other than that, try looking at real life missions that were flown and boil it down to the basics.


I’ll probably make it available there, but always as a free/pwyw product or something. But I noticed that the picture posted here is really harder to read than the PDF/doc I work with ‘-’ maybe it’s a technical issue, but I’ll really try to make it more readable / have a printer-friendly version. Your advice was really good, thank you again.

I’m working on making it more than a collection of planes and focus on adventure ideas and air combat rules… How to customize planes, etc. Focus on WW2 because that’s what we’ll be playing but generic enough to be used with anything, via reskinning… Great idea. Thanks again.

Thanks, man. I’ll definitely work on these ideas!


Yeah - playing and testing the system now…

Already getting ideas for campaigns and my daughter already does the art style - so all good :grinning:

Viking Dwarves
Elf Paladins
Victorian Sci Fi
Retired Mecha and PMCs on Mars
Squires of the Realm
Pirates (everything is better withj Pirates…)


Make 'em SKY pirates.


Hey all

Thank you for the replies and ideas. Here’s v1.0. Still pretty bare, but I tend to expand old files from time to time. I’ll be back to this after a few more games.

Happy gaming!