Who's Ready for a Bug Hunt? Marines needed for XDZ Game



Hey, brave souls! I’m looking to play a game of XENO DEAD ZONE next week. I’ve been so excited about the new SCI-PUNK anthology book and wanted to try out my colony map setup on the RHVTT.

We’d be playing through the “board game” version of XDZ and I’ll be running the Xeno’s as the GM. Plan to use Discord for voice and the RHVTT for the game itself. Let me know if you’re interested or daring enough to fight off hordes of xenomorphs. Fair warning: you will probably die :smiling_imp: Xenomorphs are not to be trifled with.


@KaneDriscol sign me up, sounds like a blast!


So far we have one player, locked and loaded, ready to face down whatever xenomorph threat has befallen our space colony. Still have a few seats available for this week’s game.


Oops, just noticed the time. Sorry

This one’s just too late for me, but if you’re going to do another XDZ at a different time of day, I’ll be on the ready line!