What's your longest running ICRPG game?


Ahoy shield wall! I’d like to answer an age old question: what is your longest running ICRPG game?
It can be a vague length of time, session times, number of sessions, whatever. I’m curious to know how long you’ve played the same characters in the same story arc before it concluded or fizzled out.


I had a similar question somewhere in the annals of my stupid questions. I think 30+ sessions was the answer. It’s a young game.

In D&D 5 E if run on point it’s 300 hours or so for level 20…if leveling is the priority, it can be done faster. 75 sessions or so.

For the most part ICRPG is about playing a story arc…if you want to run several together you can. But with healthy groups, you’ll want some variety. Not a different game every other session variety, but light hearted Vs serious vs sci-fi vs low fantasy, vs high fantasy vs total space opera.

Also it’s about DIY your own thing. If not talking about single storylines…I’m sure there are longer running games.


2 groups, one game each so far… so 1.

Fingers crossed this was helpful :slight_smile:


14 sessions and going. 2,5-4h each.
We havent even done the main story yet xD
Weve done characters arcs and they love it


I’m three sessions in converting our exiting campaign over to ICRPG. We’re all busy professionals with families, so we’re lucky to play once a month – usually it’s once every two months or so! We’ve been playing for about a year, but that’s really only 6-8 game sessions, the last three of which are ICRPG.


Oh geeze, 2 years last month on 1 campaign. We been playing 2x a month during that time.

We did a handful of one shots during this time too. Viking Death Squad, Xeno Dead Zone, Blood and Snow, and a ICRPG Star Wars

We on the tail end of our campaign, been wanting to start a ghost mountain one for awhile now, but the players keep pulling the story forward (which is awesome) but I told them the current story is the last story arc before I begin the finale story arc and they all agreed. So probably another good 4 months left.


Probably close to 80 hours or so.


:two: sessions, about :six: hours in total.


9 sessions currently! we usually meet bi weekly , 4 hrs a piece (some shorter, some longer) for about ~40 hrs total play time. Still going strong even though some characters have died! (players are running new characters)

we also play XDZ quite regularly :slight_smile: