What PodCast App do you use for the Runehammer RSS Feed?


New Guy Post! Seeing as how I now have Access to the RSS Feed at my Patreon Level I am wondering if you fine folks of the Shield Wall might have some recommendations for what you use to listen to the RSS Feed? Currently I use PodBean for all my PodCasting needs but it seems to lack any ability to Import the RSS Feed in to it. I am using a Galaxy S8 at the moment so I can’t make use of iTunes so my question is what else is out there for a PodCast App that might allow to me properly use the RSS Feed?


I’m using Overcast. If I remember right, i had to copy the URL from Apple’s podcast app into it because it to had a hard time parsing the patron RSS URL. You might try a similar approach before switching apps.


I use the app Downcast. I think I paid a few bucks for it.

I’d prefer to use iTunes but my understanding is it won’t pull podcasts that are behind a paywall such as Patreon or website subscriptions.


I am using Castbox. I just copied and pasted the RSS link into the search field and it added Runehammer as a new Podcast.


Thanks for all the Tips folks! Much appreciated!


I use Pocket Cast and it works great!


Overcast on my iPhone. Looks like it exists for Android.