What is Orcus?


So due to the failure of the previous characters, Orcus is being summoned. The new character(same players) are now in that world where orcus is coming. So I’m thinking, Orcus doesn’t have to be a big giant demon. But what is it? So I came to this idea and put it together in photoshop, giant chains come shooting out of a fire hole in the sky(thanks ESO) and over time they pull this giant black sphere through the hell portal.

First idea is at some point the sphere in an instant shatters into a million individual dragon like demons.
What do you guys and gals think?


I think I’m glad that I’m not one of your players, although that sounds like crazy fun. :grinning:

I love the idea that Orcus is a swarm. He’s a malevolent entity made up of smaller entities. Truly terrifying. And I love your visual above. Great stuff.


very cool artwork here. First thing that came to my mind as i read explode was:
endless splinter, crystal shards or something like that. And they rain over the land. everything that gets hit by them mutates or turns just evil and from now on they follow the hive mind.
Just a quick idea🤔


The giant sphere descends upon the earth, and then… the dark energy shield lowers and reveals… ORCUS, the hellish Machine Fortress of a Thousand Horrors. It will scorch the lands and bring about the destruction of the planet. Why? Is it terraforming? What resides in there? Is the fortress sentient? A demon in and of it self?



Nice. Maybe the sphere could melt into thick black ooze… Black rain for days, falling into a slowly growing lake of tar-like corruption that gradually swallows everything. Things can be seen moving under the ooze, dark ripples at first, then huge shapes that begin to climb out…


I want to see all of these ideas in a game!


O.R.C.U.S. Machine
The Obliteration of Regional Creatures to Usurp Sentience, machine. Maybe It attempts to destroy any self aware creatures like the reapers in mass effect as a way to usher in the next iterations of sentient life that will be dominated by its will?


Wow. Very nice Idea there!