Wednesday Night Pit Fight! (Alfheim PvP) @ RuneJammer 2023



GAME SETTING: Alfheim player-versus-player competition
GAME GM: Christian Bynum (Chris AKA Li’l C)
DESCRIPTION: A blood-soaked death match—the ultimate single-elimination fighting tournament—is just another Wednesday night at the pit fights in Arlston, a rough-and-tumble city deep within the vast pine forests of eastern Nordheim. Enter to win the infamous Tag Team Division, where cutthroats and casters pair up to seek gold and glory each week!

Every player builds two Alfheim characters—one martial class (Warrior, Hunter, or Shadow) and one caster class (Priest, Mage, or Bard)—and brings them to the table on game night. Only the GM and his dice know who will fight against whom…or who will be left standing when it’s over!

A minimum of 4 players are required for this session—so bring a friend! (And a good attitude.)




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This sounds excellent! Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend due to a conflicting game schedule. Have fun!


I can take ONE MORE PARTICIPANT in this mayhem-filled PvP event today, but you will need to contact me ASAP and get me your two standard Alfheim starting characters (one martial and one caster) by 12:00 noon Pacific time today! If you want to play but don’t have your PCs built, contact me for a pair of pregens, first come, first served. See you at the fights!