Weave of FATE



When you want a bit of flexibility in your attempts for that cinematic feel or want to weave tension into a delicate situation.


For clarity, they’re still rolling against the target number, but you’ve broadened the range and types of outcomes, correct? So instead of …

if ROLL >= TN then SUCCESS
else FAIL

… this is …

else if ROLL = TN then SUCCESS
else if ROLL >= TN - 3 then SUCCESS WITH BANE
else FAIL

… is that right? Or is the following what was intended?

else if ROLL >= TN then SUCCESS
else if ROLL >= TN - 3 then SUCCESS WITH BANE
else FAIL

In other words:

 | TN-4 | TN-3 | TN-2 | TN-1 || TN || TN+1 | TN+2 | TN+3 | TN+4 | TN+5 |


Correct so long as the target is not hard if so the range will change accordingly if you are applying to a HARD roll. It’s up to the gm to determine when and how to use this way of rolling targets

Simple example in my last session a player wanted a map under a knife without moving the knife as time was short. Target was 13 they rolled an 11 as it wasn’t an easy roll they got part of the map while dropping something from the table the map was under while dropping timer by 1

For every 3 you beat the boon threshold by you may improve the boon
TN up to +3 = success with a boon
TN = Sucess
TN up to -3 = success with bane
TN(-4) failure


I guess that’s what’s confusing to me: Assuming you’re not dealing with really high or really low target numbers, within the “success” range, there is a 15% chance of getting a bane, a 15+% of getting a boon, and only a 5% to get a success with neither a bane nor a boon. In other words, banes and boons are far more likely than plain successes. Is that intended?


The principle of the system is you can use it yo make a story more cinematic in each boon or bane affects the world in a simple way. Nit like get a boon and get +x to effort or a banr where you fall to your death. The banes and boons are based around the moment. Its a really abstract way of looking at a roll. But I would keep these rolls to a minimum I’m a session as it takes away from how they can add to a moment


Hi mirage!

It’s always interesting to see how a player can twist the weaves of fate!

As Lugnut answers suggest, this seems like it could require a lot of additional brain power vs a simple “meets, it beats it” role.

This post did trigger something in me, and I have thought of a simpler mechanic that might have the same desired outcome, allowing the players to “weave there FATE”

When a player nearly misses the target , they can have the attempt succeed regardless, but at a great cost. Choosing the BANE will succeed a near miss (by, 1, 2, 3), but will raise the target of the scene by the missed amount (1, 2, 3).

The only BOON I would keep is a critical success. When introducing more rules, you should always think, is it worth the brainpower at the table (for both DM and players).


Mind if I take the input as its a clean fix.


Hey, we have a programmer here. :slight_smile:


ill rework the concept but i know it has potential, you could also use part of the failure to reduce a timer by a similar amount or part of the amount to minimize the pain in a way


Oh no!