Waste Is Not Kind: Ghost Pepper One Shot


Game: The Waste Is Not Kind (Ghost Peppers)
When: Friday, January 6. 12:30 PM EST (GMT-5).
Where: Discord and ICVTT
Size: 3 or 4 players in a One Shot

Dr. Essex, the mad scientist, has created many great warriors of Kilo Sector over the years. Red the clawed warrior. Dutch the Giant. Many others. However, she has come to the Ghost Peppers for help, hoping you will be able to defeat her latest creation.

Create characters using The Waste Is Not Kind, with these changes
3 Extra Stat Points
2 Extra Effort Points
Choose 2 Milestone Abilities (Feel free to choose across Types or pitch something from main ICRPG)


Bumping this up. Still have a spot open!