Sum screens for the first session of warXshell
where the heroes examine a ship crash and get ambushed by unknown forces.

They are let inside by a robot named A.A.I.Y. that injects them with nanites and hurries them to pilot what it names War Shells (high-tech mecha) that fuses with your mind and body.
A fight breaks out inside the ship as enemies break inside together with a leader.
They make rock piles out of em but not without broken chunks.

As they hinder the enemies escape they see a moon sized pyrmaid-shaped “station” hover just above the planet.
Thet get word from staticy coms that the colony is under attack and quickly makes haste to discover an even bigger threat…

Thank you @rpgerminator for the pylons!


Dude, the maps look amazing! Thanks for sharing these screen shots, I’m glad you were able to use those pylons!


That looks like a fantastic session! I am jealous!!! :smiley:


This looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing these rad shots!


Thanks fellow Moose! It’s an old nickname of mine tbh!
Next session is on Sunday so more post-play shots are gonna get posted.


Haha! That’s awesome! Yeah I first got the nickname in high school but it didn’t stick until I retold the story at my field school (essentially, class where you learn and get first hand experience doing sciency things outdoors) and for the last 8 years, some people still only call me “Moose”. When I saw I could have that name here, I was pumped.

Really looking forward to the next post. I started my own ICRPG campaign on Roll20 with two of my oldest friends (and who happened to be in my first D&D group) and I really appreciate being able to see how other folks set up their maps. I said it in a different post but I truly do consider this whole forum a treasure.



We are lucky to have a lot of great folks here.