Warp Shell in the long run



I am DM’ing a Warp Shell campaign, my players are playing in a chapter fashion, sort of like a series of connected one-shots.

The group is enjoying the theme and wants to keep on playing. They are familiar with the Devourer menace and the effort of the champions of Xevos to overcome the Devourer.

I might be overthinking but I catch myself thinking sometimes how would our campaign end someday. A fight against the Devourer doesn’t seem feasible.

So help me peeps, do you play Warp Shell campaigns? What will be the final goal of your campaign? Help me out please!


You don’t need to think about how they will defeat the devourer, just let them work towards it during their escapades. Use Schrodinger’s Mcguffin. Maybe they come up with the idea of filling him with Yog Crystals because a magical overload could kill it. Because they are seeking this method, it is now the way to kill the Devourer.


I haven’t played any Warp Shell yet, but I have thought about this same thing. I feel like the best answer is to come up with some sort of villain. I actually heard some writing advice recently (about general fiction writing not specifically RPGs) that I really liked. They said you should start with creating your villain, because hero’s are only hero’s because they are overcoming evil. In your case, where you have already started, I would come up with a villain and then have the players “discover” that this villain has been behind everything they have encountered so far. I don’t know if that’s helpful, it’s just a thought.


Thanks for the ideas Rozzelyn and Jordan. I will surely craft a villain and set it on my player’s path.


Here is some ideas… you can have em run some adventures for a new form of intelligent self replicating nano tech that will devour the devourer.

A new emerging tech that can create and compress matter into a miniature sun, the gimmick is eventually they figure out that they can attach this to the warp shell and portal into the devourer and using the warp shells power supply they super charge this device and it detonates into an immense black hole or plasma storm.

Or the devourer wins… it ends up eating everything including the warp shell and crew… fade to black :wink:


…fade to black with voice in background…“So, [Warp Shell], now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.” :smile:


So many ideas, glad we have such amazing community, the idea to defeat the Devourer inspired me, thanks mate


Maybe the point is not to fight the Devourer, but it make it undesirable to stick around this Galaxy? The object of the game is to be annoying enough, but not noticed be the Devourer. To make it too much trouble to stick around then to move on to more easier prey. And this is how you win. Yea I know, you did not defeat it, like you hope. But this is not the only objective you could make as the end game. It could be to make a sanctuary of planets in a sector of space? Railing the species to fight with you. Granted that changes the nature of the game from Fighting everything to talking to everything, and making peace. But you could win the crowd as champions of fights too, I guess. All I am saying focusing on the Devourer as the end goal, in some way to end the game. But is not the only one you could have.


The Devourer is not the enemy. All worlds consumed are essentially reformed as they were in a “heavenly ideal universe”. The universe you are currently in is essentially purgatory or hell. The Devourer is on a rescue mission. The “powers that be” in this universe have deceived you and everyone else that it is the villain.


To my knowledge, in the WORLDS book (if I remember well), there is an adventure that sends the players back in time to destroy the Devourer in the past since the Warp Shell can do that…

It’s a fun idea, but maybe the players ally themselves with Reptoids to weaponize the Darkstars against the entity? Maybe the solution is to get Odin to intervene? Or maybe the players can go into another dimension and bring back some superheroes to fight it, Galactus-style? Maybe become the heroes: steal their powers during their origin stories, getting hit by lightning while covered in chemical instead of the “protagonist”.

Maybe the Devourer absorbs that @Murder_Hobo_Show nanotech to turn it into an armor, and now the fight is even more desperate: Odin is just a god afterall!

Oh gosh, I’ll stop before I fall into the spiral of ideas: but making a finale out of every post in this thread feels like a worthy challenge, don’t you think?! Mwuahaha! :smiling_imp:


perhaps the Devourer is like a “sickness” of the universe and from the center of the universe comes a devastating “Pulse” that destroys all civilizations and kills most life in an effort to purge the “sickness”. Your party just happens to have an encounter near a supermassive black hole. The space-time warping capacities of this black hole protect your party from the Pulse, but magnify the time dilation effect. You escape the black hole somehow to find a new universe millions of years in the future where “life” is gone but technological creations have evolved to form artificial life forms that imitate the bioforms of the past. …end your previous campaign with this revelation.