Warp Shell character generator



Hello, fellas.
Was inspired by ICRPG for years.
Lately I was inspired by some generator for Blood and Snow (https://perchance.org/dqs5wz6ret). And desided to spend some time and contribute to the Warp Shell - https://perchance.org/khwk3co85j
Hope my generator will help some GM to generate some Heroes or Villains for their compaigns.

I would appriciate any comments to improve this generator in future or create some new ones


This. Is. (Expletive). Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.

I love randomly generating characters and I have tons of tables for doing so. This resource you shared makes it so easy and fun I think I’ll be playing with it for a long time.

Any chance we get a similar one for Alfheim? Also, is it too hard to add randomly generated stats too (abilities and effort)? I have no idea how you did this.

As for suggestions, I don’t know how the chances of getting a specific life form work, but in my tables I usually give different chances for each one, to reflect that Genos are much more common than Xill, for example.


Atheim - _https://perchance.org/0onx6ky2lv