War Maker - Token Holder


Hi all, I’ve been fiddling around with War Maker, playing out some wars and battles. I wanted it to take as little space as possible when storing so instead of standees, I created circle tokens to print out. I’m liking this because I also give each faction a different color border so they stand out better. Anyways, cheap printer paper blows all over the table, so I ended up ordering plastic Quarter protectors (like 100 for $6 on Amazon). So far, these are working great at giving the cheaply printed token some weight, they stack, and they slide easily. Just wanted to offer this suggestions to anyone print-and-playing.


Ah man, the quarter protector idea is fantastic! Nice work!


Thanks man! I’m quite enjoying playing with tokens, it’s easier to slide a group forward than paper standees where some fall over every time LOL.


I’ve thought about grabbing some half dollar cases for the bigger units like tanks, etc but so far this is working!


You make a good point about the standees. I have made some circular tokens where I punched out the images and taped them to plastic discs with double stick tape. The process is kind of fiddly. I really like the coin protector idea where it holds the images inside and makes a nice protective encasement for them.