Wanting to run a mini campaign Sundays 9:30pm CST



Had a great time at runejammer, and I am itching to run a mini campaign. I have ran ICRPG in a couple custom settings and one shots for some friends, but I haven’t actually dived in to Alfheim.

Mini Campaign

  • Setting is Nemedia (rolled some dice, and Nemedia was the winner)
  • Looking for 4 - 5 players
  • Characters from Master Edition
  • Using ICVTT and Discord
  • Game Date and Times are Sundays at 9:30pm CST - 12am
  • Campaign length is dependent on players, but most likely 6 to 8 weeks in length.

Please reply if you are interested and available at the time slot. First 4 - 5 people I’ll send a private message to with more info and Discord information.

I’m not sure what the policies are, if we can use one of the current Discord servers such as the community discord, or if I need to make my own, but either way we’ll be using discord for most of our conversation.


Sounds interesting and might work with my schedule! Let’s connect when you have time. Thx


Small update. We are using the community discord. Just send me a private message with your discord information and I’ll add you to the thread.

Also, I have settled on a hook but I still need some players to provide a few extra details.

Campaign Information: You have all been tasked to accompany the trade supplies from Westburg to the Garrison in Nemedia to meet with Captain Helgatha, a region wide hero that all of the Nemedian clans respect. Captain Helgatha has maintained an alliance with Westburg and the trade is welcomed by both parties. But Captain Helgatha requested escorts to ensure the safety of the supplies.