VTT character sheets


Has anyone created character sheets for things like Roll20?


I asked on Roll20 forums also.

No response.


As far as I know there isn’t yet, at least not that I’ve heard of.


Hopefully someone that makes sheets does one. It’s not a very complicated one :crazy_face:


I decided to start fiddling with my own sheet:


Sadly I cannot help with Roll20, but for me and my group we will be using Tabletop Simulator. I have used MrStump’s template to make a usable one so far. My Lua skills are about as confused as a goat on AstroTurf, but it works well enough so far.

On the Steam workshop:


Here is my final draft for Roll20 play:


Looks good to me. Do you plan on submitting that to Roll20? Or perhaps putting somewhere that someone, say me, could use?


@Bugbear absolutely. I’m running my first session this weekend. So it will be beta tested. I also have another idea for an entirely different sheet.

That said, I can provide the code to load the sheet on Roll20, but you need a Pro account to use it.

Alternatively, if the game designers of C&S give me the green light, I can submit a sheet to Roll20 for official release.


I’m a pro user on Roll20 so I can use a customer sheet. I’ve tried my hand at it before, but i’m pretty incapable with that sort of stuff. I’d appreciate the code and what not.


Looks much better than mine, though I’ve been focused on adding features and not making it look good.