VTT character sheets


Has anyone created character sheets for things like Roll20?


I asked on Roll20 forums also.

No response.


As far as I know there isn’t yet, at least not that I’ve heard of.


Hopefully someone that makes sheets does one. It’s not a very complicated one :crazy_face:


I decided to start fiddling with my own sheet:


Sadly I cannot help with Roll20, but for me and my group we will be using Tabletop Simulator. I have used MrStump’s template to make a usable one so far. My Lua skills are about as confused as a goat on AstroTurf, but it works well enough so far.

On the Steam workshop:


Here is my final draft for Roll20 play:


Looks good to me. Do you plan on submitting that to Roll20? Or perhaps putting somewhere that someone, say me, could use?


@Bugbear absolutely. I’m running my first session this weekend. So it will be beta tested. I also have another idea for an entirely different sheet.

That said, I can provide the code to load the sheet on Roll20, but you need a Pro account to use it.

Alternatively, if the game designers of C&S give me the green light, I can submit a sheet to Roll20 for official release.


I’m a pro user on Roll20 so I can use a customer sheet. I’ve tried my hand at it before, but i’m pretty incapable with that sort of stuff. I’d appreciate the code and what not.