Viking Box!


Not super related to RPGs, but I wanted to show off a storage box I created for my Tiny Epic Vikings board game with its expansions (since they don’t fit in base box alone). Bought the box for $6, wood burned, and then stained it.

I’m sharing here because now i want to make another one to carry my ICRPG contents in LOL. Thanks for looking!


Inspiring and fantastic. Your box made me lookup Tiny Epic Vikings as it oozes adventure and wilder things. I love how the engraving looks good even over the curved edge. How did you do that?


@waungaer, yeah I’ve been playing it a bunch lately and then received the expansions just recently.

Just carefully I guess LOL. I just use a hand held wood burner and kind of rotated the box on its back to be able to do the rounded front edge.